DEI Vision Statement

Everyone's place for food & home.

Our Vision

A decade ago, Food52 set out to bring cooks together from all over to exchange recipes and to support each other in the kitchen. We wanted to create a buzzing place for others who do what we do all day long: talk about food! Since we started Food52 (we cook 52 weeks a year, get it?), tens of millions of cooks and eaters have found their way to the site.

While we set out to cultivate an environment where everyone feels welcome, we have not always succeeded. Which is why we created this Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Vision, to make clear to the Food52 community our commitment. It’s our moral responsibility, and frankly just good business practice, to live up to that intention and create an inclusive space for the Food52 community and the Food52 staff—present and future.

To do that we have to go deeper than “covering all cuisines” and “showcasing underrepresented creators.” It is not enough to save everyone a seat at the table, we must encourage a constant resetting of the table, so that we never allow ourselves to believe there is only one table.

We will have an inclusive work culture in which we have tough conversations about our intentions versus our impact and make ambitious decisions based on people, discussion, and data as opposed to personal bias. No one should ever feel as if they have to change to be part of Food52—Food52 should rise to meet everyone.

We never want our co-workers and community to feel as though they’ll be looked at differently for challenging the way that others think. Everyone should have the trust of their colleagues and the opportunity to learn from each other; and a chance to do better.

We must have authenticity in our content and products as well as our work culture so that the Food52 community, internal and external, is unafraid to share themselves, their cultures and their lives. Our greatest asset is the ingenuity and creativity of our community and if they feel guarded or excluded, our business won’t survive.

We will be transparent about our data and our progress. We will hold our partners accountable for transparency on their progress towards meeting their DEI vision. We will continue to encourage those impacted by our work to question our choices. All are welcome.