Dead Guy Sauce

September 3, 2010 • 4 Comments

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In the video below, Merrill makes ShoeboxKitchen's curiously named (but brilliant) Dead Guy Sauce and regales us with tips and trivia -- wondering how to soften fossilized brown sugar? The origin of Worcestershire sauce? A good substitute for Tabasco? Merrill's got answers.

This week's videos were shot and edited by talented filmmaker Elena Parker.

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over 2 years ago greenchilemaven

I'm in the Deep South and my sauce is quite similar although it uses less vinegar and a bit of butter.


about 4 years ago Rhonda35

Merrill - Thanks for all the info you shared - very informative. This sauce seems so easy to make and sounds delicious - going to make it to go with the pork shoulder we are smoking today. Maybe it's called "Dead Guy Sauce" because it is to die for!


about 4 years ago ShoeboxKitchen


Your batch of Dead Guy Sauce looks perfect! Thanks so much for doing a little demo and for selecting our condiment as a finalist! We must admit we were humbled when we saw our more pedestrian ketchup-based condiment sitting in the midst of fancy and delicious looking chutneys and the like. We thought that surely we were out of our league - so thanks for giving this simple sauce a chance!

About the name . . . we've been sworn to secrecy on the original story, so for now the name origin must remain a mystery. Perhaps we'll have to get creative and draft up "the legend of the Dead Guy" . . . ;-)

Thanks again!

Anne and Jason from TheshoeboxKitchen



about 4 years ago fineartdaily

I like the idea of serving it warm. The Tall One likes to put cold, bottled barbecue sauce on just about anything he eats. This is a little more subtle and sophisticated. I'll be sure to make a batch when he comes home in November. We'll see if it makes it onto the Thanksgiving table!
And thanks for the apple hint for solidified brown sugar!