How to Make Salted Caramels

April 15, 2011 • 11 Comments

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In the video below, Bianca Henry, the uber-organized Culinary Director of The Today Show, shows Amanda & Merrill a very simple way to make a basic butter caramel -- delicious alone, salted, or stuck on a stick (like a Sugar Daddy -- remember those? Or dip them in chocolate and voilà, a Sugar Mama!). No thermometers here, folks -- we're going on looks and looks alone.

Have fun with Bianca's recipe for Firm Caramel -- for many wonderful caramel things! To view, save, and print Bianca's recipe, go here and for a video tip on how to melt chocolate for those Sugar Mamas, sans double boiler, go here.

This week's video was once again shot and edited by filmmaker Elena Parker

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Comments (11)


almost 3 years ago rotwood

Can you use Lyle's Golden Syrup in place of the corn syrup?


almost 3 years ago cookingintheheights

i made them today and the 13 yr old (who is never hesitant to call 'em like he sees 'em) said they were fantastic. i loved the flavor...texture-wise they're a bit on the soft and goopy side and look totally homemade...but those are all positives in my book. tasted a lot like the sugar daddy candies i remember from childhood that are referenced in the video.


almost 3 years ago Eanbay

I'm one who thinks that a salted caramel is the closest mankind has ever come to perfection.


almost 3 years ago boulangere

Cynthia is a trusted source on Bread/Baking.

Oh yeah!


almost 3 years ago Emily Franklin

Yum. Also delicious alongside after-diner coffee (or in it).



almost 3 years ago latoscana

Wonderful recipe and demonstration!


almost 3 years ago cookingintheheights

this looks truly fantastic and so easy. going to try right now... (and still thrilled about the no-thermometer thing).


about 3 years ago boulangere

Cynthia is a trusted source on Bread/Baking.

Dangerous, very dangerous. I am afraid I would eat the entire batch in one sitting, then make more. But I think I'm up to the challenge.


about 3 years ago Burnt Offerings

Oh - I'm going to try this with my nieces at Easter next weekend!


about 3 years ago BklynFoodieGal

wow that was so easy! I've got to try this at home. : )


about 3 years ago Bevi

You make this look so easy - it is confidence-instilling!