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There are thousands of cooking blogs -- each week, we bring you highlights from the best. This week, food takes a long, strange trip into cyberspace.



We're a food website, sure, but the food you actually put on your table is, at the end of the day, what we're all about. Period. And now, we've found kindred online spirits in Gigabiting, a blog where food, culture and technology meet: like us, Gigabiting recognizes that everyone loves food, but "the jury's still out" on technology. And yet, it brings us to you, you to each other, and keeps things tasty in the meantime, so we're glad to have it.

"We’re not talking pasteurization here; we’re talking internet," claim the Gigabiters. "We’re talking about the way online shopping brings the world to our kitchens and personal blogs let everyone peek inside. The way phone apps and GPS allow us to swap a surplus of backyard zucchini for the tomatoes growing in a garden across town, and tweets from Open Table help us snag a dinner reservation." In other words, Gigabiting presents food from a completely different angle from other food media outlets. And we like that.

 About Gigabiting        online grocery shopping

This fantastically quirky blog is divided into various unusual but appropriate categories, from Cyberculture to Food Trends. The blog posts are peppered with scientific, academic, artistic, and intellectual sourcing, all of which shed fresh light on the world of food. "Clicks or Bricks? IS it greener to buy groceries online?", "The Return of Jell-O"and "Rewire your tastebuds" (on the effect of the so-called miracle berry) exemplify the site's food and tech bent. A visit to Gigabiting's edgy, often controversial, and truly compelling content will generate more than enough dinner table conversation (appropriate or not) for even the most awkward of meals.

Gigabiting is cooking up food in culture rather than as culture, and hinges on the hopes that you will accept the word on all things culinary through the lens of technology -- and, as our food52 web developers confirm, the tech-inclined among us are often equally savvy behind the stove, in a garden, or just seated at dinner.

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