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James Beard Awards

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James Beard Awards

In case you missed it, Amanda won herself a James Beard Award for The Essential New York Times Cookbook at the James Beard Foundation's Broadcast & Journalism Awards last Friday night. Best of all, Merrill -- who worked with Amanda for five years on the book -- was on hand to celebrate.

Since the very idea for food52 grew out of Amanda & Merrill's work on this big, handsome book, the win is especially poignant -- we can all be grateful that this book is what brought us all together here at food52. Now let's all gaze at the bling.

Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs Dorman at the James Beard Awards  The Essential New York Times Cookbook

Photos: Ken Goodman (above); Tad Friend on the iPhone cam (near left)

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Comments (74)


over 4 years ago midnitechef

YAY!!! What an awesome recognition for ya'll!


over 4 years ago Serene

So great!


over 4 years ago Amanda Hesser

Amanda is a co-founder of Food52.

Hey, wow -- really -- thanks for all of your generous and thoughtful comments. I'm sorry not to have responded sooner but Merrill and I have actually been pulling late nights this past week getting the proofs of the first food52 Cookbook back to our editor! We really appreciate your sentiments -- it was a dream project and we had years of fun working on it. It brought us here, and we're very happy about that. Thanks, everyone!


over 4 years ago Oui, Chef

Congratulations to you both, what a fabulous night it must have been! - S


over 4 years ago coloterp

What a well-deserved honor - congratulations!


over 4 years ago Elycooks

Congrats - so well deserved!


over 4 years ago galleyslave

Congratulations on well-derved recognition! Your dedication, energy,generosity of spirit, and most of all FOOD! has earned you a place in the pantheon of single-named cooks. Bask.


over 4 years ago ellenl

I also bought the book for myself at the holidays last Dec.--and I love it.


over 4 years ago Sasa

Well deserved, congratulations!


over 4 years ago liz@thismaglife

Congrats Amanda & Merrill! When I reviewed this amazing book for ThisMagnificentLife I was dazzled by how dedicated you were in your mission.


over 4 years ago Savoirfaire1

Congratulations, Amanda and Merrill! I knew that you win. Right before Easter, I visited my 80 something years young grandmother and noticed that she has a copy of the cookbook on her shelf. Gran is very selective about cookbooks and only purchases the best.


over 4 years ago VivianBoroff

Congratulations! Very well deserved :-)


over 4 years ago DebJ

Wonderful. Congratulations! I love this book. Thank you.


over 4 years ago ellenl

So where is Merrill's award?


over 4 years ago jfinnert

well deserved congratulations! The book was a great concept. My imagination is much bigger than my stomach, so it's no surprise I've read much more than I've cooked, but what I've tried has worked out extremely well. I consider it a reliable source of good ideas, with a historical slant that makes every dish more interesting.


over 4 years ago monkeymom

Amanda, sure hope you are savoring your time in the spotlight. I also love my copy of the book and will be very happily trying the recipes for year to come. Thanks to you and Merrill for all of your hard work!


over 4 years ago Mgmnyc

Congratulations on the award! and thank you for producing the gorgeous, rich and historical Essential New York Times Cookbook. The award was well deserved!


over 4 years ago bigmike1

congrats indeed Amanda and Merrill!!I have learned alot from you 2 ladies.Always excellent recipes weitten with wit and complete knowledge of subject.I am buying the book!


over 4 years ago BlueKaleRoad

Congratulations! Love the happy photo of Amanda and Merrill. A well deserved honor!


over 4 years ago DCAngela

yay! love the book!!


over 4 years ago annamakena

Congratulations! So well deserved and such a fantastic book that I enjoy both reading and cooking with.


over 4 years ago Tracey Jackson

Congrats! You deserve it. And to think I actually massaged meatballs with you. Go girl!


over 4 years ago Linguist

Congratulations - it's a wonderful book. Not only did it help me clear out a whole cupboard of old pages of recipes saved from the Times (virtually every one I had saved made it into the book!), but since I got it, I've hardly used any other book, and I have a LOT of cookbooks. Incredibly useful, and fun to read too.


over 4 years ago Eydie Desser

Congratulations Amanda. I'm the person who called in on the Martha Stewart radio show and said that I love the cookbook so much that I pick it up, hug it, kiss it and dance with it.
Apparently, I know a good cookbook when I see one. So glad you won.
Eydie Desser


over 4 years ago TurkeyGoddess

What a very prestigious and coveted award! I am so proud of you girls. Congratualtions! Keep up the good work.
Mom Char.


over 4 years ago RisaCooks

Congratulations Amanda & Merrill. That is sooo wonderful. I am so proud of both of you. Great job. Some gorgeous bling indeed!


over 4 years ago Jane Eyrehead

Congratulations to you both. I bought the cookbook for my own Christmas present last year and just love it.


over 4 years ago AmyRuth

Congratulations! Both of you for a well deserved award!


over 4 years ago Diethood

What an honor! Congratulations!! Well deserved!


over 4 years ago Kayb

Congrats! The book is a wonderful book, one of my two essential ones in the kitchen. Great work, well-deserved honor!


over 4 years ago parker

It's a toss-up between whether I love the indexing more, or the recipes, or the anecdotes... DEFINITELY my desert-island book, and a wedding present for every single niece hereafter. A medal from the master of delicious simplicity is well-deserved and utterly appropriate.


over 4 years ago Andreadoria56

Must feel amazing! Congratilations.


over 4 years ago Jun Belen

Congratulations!! Your book has been used so many times now and we're looking forward to many more recipes to try!


over 4 years ago Sagegreen

How thrilling! We are so proud of you both. What a great achievement.


over 4 years ago fineartdaily

Congrats to both of you for the recognition of your hard work, enthusiasm and passion! Kudos!


over 4 years ago innoabrd

Congrats! That is, well, just too cool!


over 4 years ago betteirene

Congratulations! Look how happy both of you are! Kind of makes up for having to taste the recipes that didn't make it into the book, doesn't it. . .will you hang it at home or at the office?


over 4 years ago Sadassa_Ulna

Congratulations, so exciting!


over 4 years ago TheWimpyVegetarian

So very happy for you!! Thanks so much for posting the great pics!


over 4 years ago Tsyganova

Congratulations Amanda & Merrill !


over 4 years ago WinnieAb

So so amazing. Congrats to both of you :)


over 4 years ago lapadia

Bravo! Bravissimo! Congratulatissimo! Let the applause begin! You're not the only one who's proud of what you’ve accomplished – so are we!


over 4 years ago Lizthechef

I treasure my signed copy. Whoot, Amanda!


over 4 years ago Sasha (Global Table Adventure)

Love the bling! It must weigh a ton.... but .... so does your book - which I love. Perfect! :) Job well done.


over 4 years ago JanaVee

It's a wonderful book! Congratulations!


over 4 years ago Stacey Snacks

Amanda, Congratulations on the James Beard Award!!!!!!!!


over 4 years ago TasteFood



over 4 years ago Sodium Girl

WOOOOHOOO congrats Amanda and Merill!


over 4 years ago deanna1001

Congrats! Well deserved!


over 4 years ago fiveandspice

Emily is a trusted source on Scandinavian Cuisine.

The folks at the James Beard Foundation obviously have good taste indeed!


over 4 years ago gingerroot

Congratulations again, Amanda & Merrill! Wonderful recognition for a fantastic tome that has already made a huge impact in our lives; cheers to both of you and all of food52!


over 4 years ago Midge

One of my most treasured cookbooks - an amazing feat! Congrats to you both!


over 4 years ago SKK

Well deserved!


over 4 years ago cheese1227

Fabulous news!! Congrats.


over 4 years ago debbiek

Woo hoo! So exciting to see you wearing your medal, Amanda. And I'm delighted that Merrill was there with you. Congratulations again.


over 4 years ago Susan B.

Congratulations to you both! I got the book for Christmas and I love it. I love cooking from it, but I also love reading it. Congrats also on the success of Food52. Such a great idea and what a wonderful community has grown from it. I wish you both continued success and I look forward to seeing what you do in the future!


over 4 years ago Happyolks



over 4 years ago Happyolks

oops -- congratulations!


over 4 years ago edamame2003

what a great honor--congrats to you both! a big win for the book and the entire food 52 community!


over 4 years ago cookinginvictoria

Congrats again to both of you -- such an accomplishment for a superb book that I like a bible in my kitchen. Love the pics. So wonderful that you have been honored with this prestigious award!


over 4 years ago ALittleZaftig

Warmest congratulations! Well deserved.


over 4 years ago LLStone

A very hearty congratulations, Amanda and Merrill! I do love the book, and Food52.


over 4 years ago ENunn

Such an amazing book--a feat. Richly deserved!


over 4 years ago mrslarkin

Mrs. Larkin is a trusted source on Baking.

Congrats, you guys! That is so great. My gosh, Amanda, you could probably crush peppercorns with the James Beard medallion. It's ginormous!


over 4 years ago aargersi

Abbie is a trusted source on General Cooking.

Or garlic ;-)


over 4 years ago Kristen Miglore

Kristen is the Executive Editor of Food52

The James Beard Foundation just posted more photos on their Facebook page here:


over 4 years ago Jennifer Ann

What an amazing accomplishment! Congratulations!


over 4 years ago franville

Congratulations! That's wonderful.


over 4 years ago sdebrango

Suzanne is a trusted source on General Cooking.

What a great honor, congratulations again.


over 4 years ago lastnightsdinner

So wonderful. Congrats again!


over 4 years ago wssmom

Just wonderful!!!


over 4 years ago Panfusine

Congratulations Amanda & Merill. You've no idea how much of an inspiration you are for a lot of us out here on the net! Waiting to see more pix of this momentous event!


over 4 years ago inpatskitchen

Congratulations to both of you!!


over 4 years ago boulangere

Cynthia is a trusted source on Bread/Baking.

Beautiful. Was hoping we would see some photos of the big night here. Cannot imagine how exciting this was.