How to Prep Celeriac

By • December 9, 2011 • 10 Comments

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The outside may scream "Don't touch me!," but don't let celeriac fool you. Watch A&M take it on, using their knives and vegetable peelers to get to that beautiful white flesh within. It's December -- time to add another root to your repertoire. 

This week's video was once again shot and edited by our fabulous videographer Elena Parker.

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almost 2 years ago FeedingTheKids

Thought it was interesting that Merrill cuts herself using a peeler.....then, for the first time ever, AFTER prepping my celeriac and while peeling a few yukon golds for the mash, I cut myself with a peeler! You really CAN create your own reality! Ha


almost 3 years ago KitchVega

The coolest lesson I had in culinary root was Chef Andre Soltner personally show me how to peel this beast!


almost 3 years ago frog

Trillinchick, you are going to have to back that up with data.


almost 3 years ago Trillinchick

Celery root and celeriac are NOT the same vegetable!


almost 3 years ago Miche

I think they are.


almost 3 years ago Miche

I think they are.


almost 3 years ago karenheff

the best mashed potatoes I've ever had in my life, was made with celeriac. it was at Willi's Wine Bar in Paris. 16 years ago, and I still think about them!


almost 3 years ago Nicole Franzen

yay for celery root!! one of my favorite vegetables :) raw and cooked.


almost 3 years ago Helen's All Night Diner

Thank you! I have 2 in the fridge from my CSA. Now I can have at them...


almost 3 years ago la domestique

I think we all have certain vegetables that intimidate us, and these videos are so helpful. No need to fear celery root! Done and done. :)