Filling in the Seasoning Blanks

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As you probably know by now, we believe in real, whole foods prepared simply, to keep the emphasis on the flavors of the food itself. (Case in point: an in-season tomato needs little more than coarse sea salt and a bit of good olive oil to make it sit up and sing.)

That being said, we’re still very much a proponent of using the help we can get. (It’s not cheating, we promise.) We’ve covered essential spices, and salts that you should know. Today, we’re filling in the seasoning blanks with herbs.

Whole Foods Market Cooking provides a primer for all of the common herbs at their peak in spring, including the essentials, and what flavors complement them. And, they even show us how to prep them - something often overlooked when we talk about herbs.

Make your own fines herbes with parsley, thyme, and chervil. Infuse your own vinegars with tarragon. Grill flatbreads with lemon and thyme. Ok, so the last one was us, but for everything else herb-related, Whole Foods Market Cooking has you covered.

From Scratch: Spring Herb Primer from Whole Foods

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