Stock Your Pantry, For Less

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With so many lovely recipes floating around here, just waiting to be cooked, it can be hard to pass up a gourmet, greenmarket dinner in favor of something a bit more staple. But since post workday is hardly ever the time to learn how to make your own mozzarella, or to start a poolish for herbed ciabatta, it’s usually easier to fall back on simpler fare. This week, The Kitchn gives us a list of 10 pantry staples that will make these meals easier - on your schedule, and on your wallet.

Inspired by the Live Below the Line Challenge, this list features hearty, low-budget items like lentils and canned tomatoes that will help to make your pantry functional, and, best of all, economical.

10 Low-Budget Pantry Items Everyone Should Have
from The Kitchn

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