Add Some Thai to Your Toast

By • May 17, 2012 • 4 Comments

We’ve already offered you the tools to elevate your PB&J into adult fare. Today, we’re spicing it up, literally. Serious Eats brings us a new breed of peanut butter: the thai curry spread.

Made up of little else than roasted peanuts, red curry paste, and coconut milk powder, this spread is reminiscent of a traditional Thai satay sauce. (We made one in the test kitchen last week, and it took willpower not to eat it with a spoon.)

Intruiged? We’re not sure how well it would go with jelly, but we think it’d make for a happy companion to bread, right out of the toaster. Or, if instant gratification is your thing, right off of the spoon.

My Thai Cooking: Curried Peanut Spread
from Serious Eats

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over 2 years ago Kenzi Wilbur

Kenzi is the Managing Editor of Food52.

Nozlee, you've one-upped me. My first apartment meal was peanut butter too, but it was from a spoon, straight from the jar. Curry paste would have been a welcome addition. (As would some bread.)


over 2 years ago LauriL

It's a staple in my house. If I cave in to pasta...i use it to create the sauce!


over 2 years ago nzle

Fun fact: the very first thing we cooked when we moved into our apartment two years ago was toast (broiled in the oven in a Pyrex pan) with peanut butter (spread with a plastic knife) and red curry paste (spread with a tiny coffee spoon). I'm sure the first meal I cooked after we got all the kitchen stuff out of storage tasted better, but this is the one I remember.


over 2 years ago cassiem

oh. my. god. thai peanut butter? are you kidding me?! i'm throwing the towel in on life; from now on i'm all TPB all the time.