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By • May 29, 2012 • 6 Comments

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There’s more to the perfect summer slaw than you thought: it hails all the way from ancient Rome, where cabbage salads, dressed with eggs, vinegar, and spices were often served. With such a rich history, then, it’d be a shame to tarnish coleslaw’s name. Learn about its four, crucial elements, (cabbage, dressing, complements, seasonings), and take the American staple from picnic afterthought to a dish worthy of its culinary ancestry .

What’s your go-to summer slaw?


Ode to Coleslaw from Culinate

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over 2 years ago AntoniaJames

AntoniaJames is a trusted source on Bread/Baking.

Napa cabbage + sesame oil + lime juice + rice vinegar + brown sugar + grated carrots and Persian cucumber + chopped cilantro and Thai basil. Or, when the local apples arrive: Napa cabbage + apple + cucumber + shiso -- recipe here: http://food52.com/recipes... These are just two that I make. In fact, slaw's one of the reasons I make my own cider vinegar. I live on the stuff. ;o)


over 2 years ago Panfusine

Grated Carrots, chopped tomatoes & 1 finely minced thai green chile. Drizzled with lime juice, and a sprinle of kosher salt.


over 2 years ago KirstenS

There are two slaws in my kitchen. The first is a traditional cabbage/carrot blend, but with vinegar, as is often found in the South served with barbecue. It's tangy and light, a nice balance to pork and hushpuppies. The other favorite is a more traditional dressing, but made with spinach, which I like for its added nutrients, and beautiful color. Tonight, I'll be making this tuscan kale caesar slaw from Bon Appetit, which is great for lunch! http://www.epicurious.com...


over 2 years ago nzle

(I also just finished reading Laurie Colwin's Goodbye Without Leaving, in which the narrator describes making a simple slaw with cabbage, apple cider vinegar, and olive oil in motels while on the road as a backup dancer, which I thought was adorable and hilarious.)


over 2 years ago nzle

I had an AMAZING slaw of red cabbage and fennel at Le Barricou this holiday weekend that used half aioli and half pureed avocado for the dressing -- it was so light and summery!


over 2 years ago sexyLAMBCHOPx

Great post re: slaw. I eat it all year long!