Mr. Grillsby McGrill

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Here's some goofiness for the day: have you ever loved a kitchen appliance so much you named it? That's what Megan of Not Martha (now over 10 years running!) did after she bought the Cook's Illustrated All-Time Best Grilling Recipes issue recently.

Megan and her husband came to love their grill so much -- as she says, "Now, I know that grilling is hard to get wrong but I assure you that I can mess up just about anything" -- that they even named it:

We like our grill so much we named it Grilby Grilford Grillington III. Or Grilsby for short (it just stuck). We also considered: Price Grilliam, Goodrow Grillson, Grilson Phillips, Grilford Brimley, Grill Smith and Gril Wheaton.

Have you ever named a kitchen implement?

Thing I Like: Cook’s Illustrated All-Time Best Grilling Recipes from Not Martha

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over 2 years ago meglet

Of course. All the dedicated grillers I know name their grills. Mine is named Pele the Fire Goddess -- and my car is not named, even though I love it as much as or more than the grill.

Alton Brown calls his Fireball, I believe.