White and Black and Pink All Over

By • June 8, 2012 • 1 Comment

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Because we never like you to get too comfortable with the produce in your repertoire, we’ve got another rare fruit for you, just to shake things up.

Make it a weekend goal of yours to track down a dragon fruit. A member of the cactus family, it tastes like the fruity lovechild of a pear and a strawberry, and has a seed-studded white interior that looks more like Cruella De Vil’s fur coat than fruit flesh.

You certainly won’t find the pink, spiny fruit at the greenmarket - it hails from the tropical climates in Central America - but there’s still hope. Dragon fruits came to the U.S. as imports just this spring - now they’re free to shake up fruit bowls everywhere.

Sweet, Gentle Dragon Fruit from Zester Daily  

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over 2 years ago TXExpatInBKK

They grow them here in Thailand too. The "trees" are so strange looking!