The Cleverest Uses for Leftover Jam

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Coldwater Jams

Jam made from fresh berries went pretty fast at my house growing up. Every time we’d reach the end of a batch, we’d use a spatula to grab every last morsel in the pot. The makers behind Coldwater Canyons Preserves in California have run into that same problem so often that they’ve collected a handful of inspired uses for those last scrapings of summer.

A few to whet your appetite: use leftovers to rim cocktail glasses before dipping in sugar (even better if the drink is served in a Mason jar). Heat it and pour over ice cream. Their standout suggestion? Mix it into a vinaigrette right in the preserving jar. We’re dying to try their fig and balsamic vinegar combination for a perfect late-summer salad.

Cooking With Artisans: Coldwater Canyons' Leftover Jam Tips + Their OutKast-Inspired Marmalade Salad Dressing Recipe from LA Weekly


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