Get Out Your Jello Molds

By • September 5, 2012 • 1 Comment

For a culinary throwback, most people set out to recreate the casserole Grandma used to make, or the chocolate cake that Mom was famous for. Does that seem a little boring to you? 

You’re right. Bag the casseroles, and start clearing out the microwaves and jello molds for these vintage recipes from Bon Appetit. Nothing says family tradition like hot dogs sliced lengthwise on strips of French bread and seven-layer sandwich cakes, right? Dig in. 

The 15 Most Insane Vintage Recipes Published in Bon Appetit from Bon Appetit





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about 2 years ago LauriL

What a comical throwback to yucky times!! But I loved making those lil bear breads!!