Food Poem Fridays: Apple-Picking

By • October 5, 2012 • 1 Comment

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Memories of apple-picking come in silent vignettes for me, flashes of rural orchards and empty bushels and testing the strength of my 12-year-old forearms.

I was always slightly confused about it as a child -- there is no carrot-pulling or potato-digging, though there maybe should be -- but I loved it anyway, and I returned to assess my apple capacity every fall. I won't formally admit to cider donuts deserving any of the credit for my annual returns, but I suspect they may have had some pull. 

The food poem today is a classic, by a classic, to remind us to pick our own (if we haven’t already) before the season escapes us. 

After Apple-Picking by Robert Frost 


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almost 2 years ago NeoHomesteading

I went apple picking as a kid. I have taken my kids many years but this year we were fortunate enough to go to the infamous Rodale Institute. We got some wonderful heirloom, organic apples and had a great bit of fun too!