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Green Kitchen Stories on Whole, Healthful Eating -- Plus a Giveaway!

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We're sitting down with our favorite writers and cooks to talk about their upcoming cookbooks, their best food memories, and just about anything else.

David Frenkiel and Luise Vindahl, the couple behind Green Kitchen Stories and this week's Guest Editors discuss how they're teaching their daughter to love whole, nutritious foods as much as they do. Plus, they're giving away 3 copies of their new book!


What happens when a devoted, but not necessarily healthy, vegetarian meets a health-conscious omnivore? In the case of David Frenkiel and Luise Vindahl, they get married and meet in the middle. The result was less meat for Luise, more whole grains for David, and vegetable-heavy meals that were substantial enough to support a full day's activity. To document their culinary experiments, they started the blog Green Kitchen Stories.

When they're not traveling the world, picking up new ingredients and flavors to play with in the kitchen, they live in Stockholm with their 3-year-old daughter, Elsa. Read on to learn more about their cooking philosophy and how they're sharing it with their daughter: 

What dish have you cooked most this summer?
It's been a warm summer in Sweden, so we have done lots of smoothies and juices with fresh berries. Luise likes to keep her smoothies green and fresh, but my (David's) favorite is this Strawberry Peanut Butter Milkshake. For lunch, we have repeatedly made the Broccoli & Pomegranate Salad from our book. And for breakfast we often prepare our flour-free Banana, Blueberry, and Coconut Pancakes

How have you had to adjust your cooking since having a child? How are you teaching her to love the same whole foods that you do?
Oh, we could go on and on about this. But basically we have always tried to serve her the same food that we eat. We waited to introduce her to sugar, white bread, and milk products for as long as we could, which meant she learned to eat proper food from the beginning. We put a lot of effort into teaching her about all the different kinds of vegetables and fruit and bringing her to the market and into the kitchen. 

We have also tried to have a positive approach to food and eating. Don't talk about food that you don't like in front of your children because they listen to you and will doubtless start doing the same. We believe in encouragement instead of bans or rules. When she was younger, it could get a bit messy when she wanted to eat everything with her fingers or a straw. And sometimes she even ate her dinner under the table. We realize that this might sound terrifying to some, but she always finished her plate. And it has lead to her loving vegetables (and beans!) as much as we do. At least for now...

More: A wholesome breakfast that won't send kids on a sugary spiral.

Heidi Swanson's Blueberry Baked Oatmeal 

How has your cooking been influenced by your Scandinavian heritage and your life in Stockholm?
Actually, surprisingly little. We are both crazy about traveling and spend most of our savings on seeing the world. Our cooking has therefore been influenced by all kinds of different cultures. 

One thing about Scandinavia that has influenced our cooking is, of course, the produce that surrounds us and the different seasons. Fresh berries and mushrooms grow in the forests outside of Stockholm during summer and autumn. And they are free for everyone to pick!   

Beets and other root vegetables are the only produce that can grow all year round in Sweden, so we have learned to prepare roots in a zillion different ways. On our blog you can find root soups, root chips, beet salads, and baked roots. We even use them in a chocolate cake.

More: An extremely moist chocolate cake with one secret ingredient -- beets.

Nigel Slater's Extremely Moist Chocolate Beet Cake

What are the most important tricks and skills you've learned from each other in the kitchen?
I (David) have never been good with leftovers; I always needed to go to the store before I started cooking. Luise, on the other hand, is amazing at creating a feast out of nothing. So she has inspired me to think twice before I go the store. Before we met I had never cooked with quinoa or whole grains -- she totally opened up that world to me. As for Luise, she wasn't a vegetarian when we met, so I guess I have "taught" her how to build up entirely plant-based meals. 

What's one basic recipe that every cook should know how to make?
I guess it's good to know how to prepare breakfast in your sleep; it would be tough if you needed a cookbook every morning. Also, if you know how to make good pancakes you can always make new friends!

Photo of David and Luise from Green Kitchen Stories

We're giving away 3 copies of Vegetarian Everyday! To enter, let us about your favorite vegetarian recipe in the comments below. We'll choose the lucky winners by this Friday, August 9th at 4 PM EST

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about 1 year ago EMR

A bowl of leftover cold brown rice and roasted veggies, topped with a dollop of Greek yogurt, Sriracha sauce, arugala, and 1 t. Alziari evoo. (A few slices of avocado can be substituted for the evoo.) Actually, this is my favorite breakfast...


about 1 year ago drlbennett

I love a good fritatta with summer veggies


about 1 year ago jolene278

Just one? :) Probably my all-time favorite is mujadara (one of the many variations of the name): rice and lentils with onions and cumin, usually served with fatoosh-like salad.


about 1 year ago parker.jacqueline11

One of my all-time favorites is veggie lasagna. I use anything I can get my hands on (eggplant, zucchini, squash, carrot) for the "noodles" and make a chunky, light tomato sauce to go with it. Lasagna is such a hearty meal, but when I do it this way it's rather light I can have it any time of the year!


about 1 year ago Seddie

Love roasted asparagus done with olive oil and garlic. Just before serving grate with parmesan cheese. Yum!


about 1 year ago Shruti Pant

Pretty much anything and everything with avocado, though my favorite is a simple whole foods bowl consisting of quinoa, seasonal vegetables (sometimes fresh, sometime roasted, sometimes steamed, sometimes sauteed), LOTS of avocado, organic greens, freshly squeezed lemon juice, and an olive oil/balsamic dressing. And if you fancy, topped with some feta or lentils or chopped nuts. DELISH!


about 1 year ago Shruti Pant

Pretty much anything and everything with avocado, though my favorite is a simple whole foods bowl consisting of quinoa, seasonal vegetables (sometimes fresh, sometime roasted, sometimes steamed, sometimes sauteed), LOTS of avocado, organic greens, freshly squeezed lemon juice, and an olive oil/balsamic dressing. And if you fancy, topped with some feta or lentils or chopped nuts. DELISH!


about 1 year ago Jen P

My go-to vegetarian recipe is a roasted vegetable of any kind - easy and always good.


about 1 year ago Janei

My favorite is still true veggie burgers...
Zucchini carrot burgers
1tsp oil
1/2 onion sliced, diced
1clove garlic
1/4 cup smashed beans
1/4 tsp flax seed

1/2 carrot thin threads
2/3zucchini thin threads
3/4 tsp cumin
3/4 tsp coriander
2 tb pb
1Tblsp cilantro
1/8 tsp pepper
1/2 cup almond ground
1egg white
Mix brown patties3 minutes each side
Or gourmet girl cooks pizza


about 1 year ago Agata

I once found a garam masala recipe online somewhere and over the years it's just morphed into this great comfort food in our house. I'm not big on actually following recipes so I have no idea how closely it even resembles the original. And it's a one-pot kind of meal, which is always great - onions, garlic, garam masala spice, then tomatoes, veggie broth, lentiles and whatever other veggies you want to throw in there like zucchini. Throw it on some rice with crispy tofu on top... yum.


about 1 year ago Kathy

I like polenta because it goes with just about any roasted vegetable on top. This summer I've become hooked on millet in my salads.


about 1 year ago Mansi

I am vegetarian about 60-70% of the time and I don't know what I would do without fruits and vegetables in my life. My favourite vegetarian recipe recently has been Green Kitchen Stories' Green Lentil & Yellow Beet Salad. Beets are everywhere at the farmers markets now so I've made with (with both yellow and red beets) about 4 times already this summer. I add some chopped mint and toasted pistachios in mine. I even added sliced persimmon once!


about 1 year ago Magdalena

Corn and zucchini fritters with avocado salsa! Yummy!!!


about 1 year ago Eva Vercouteren

Waauw you should definitly try making a fennelpie! First you make a spelt-crust which you top with a very thin layer of home-made slightly spicy tomato sauce. Afterwards you add the sliced fennel, which is beforehand already stir-fried for about 5 to 10 minutes! 30 minutes in the oven and you have a perfectly healthy and delicious veggie meal ^_^


about 1 year ago Alana Seraphina

I absolutly love couscoussalad with grilled courgette, paprika, dades, fresh mint and pine nuts and then spiced op with some cumin. So simple but so tasteful. But for a special treat you can wake me up for the Raw dream cashew cake from My new roots!


about 1 year ago Sappho

I am slowly transitioning to a vegetarian diet... and, my favorite dish is stuffed grape leaves!! And, start making my own pizza loaded with lots of veggies! Thanks for your site and the chance to enter!


about 1 year ago Hayley

I have an infatuation with poached eggs. I think I could top any meal with one. I make a delicious barley, tomato, basil, and feta salad that I serve over greens with a poached egg on top. I also love a homemade pizza topped with an egg. I really could go on forever. Thanks for the giveaway!


about 1 year ago Romi

It's so hard to pick just one vegetarian recipes but one that I love to make is "Tacos al pastor" with mexican soy meat (bigger than the one I find in the states, but can work with regular) in an amazing guajillo sauce topped with homemade guacamole (the real kind with tomatillos, avocado, onions, salt and cilantro), pineapple, cilantro and onions on a warm corn tortilla. YUMMY!! :)


about 1 year ago Laura

So many favorites it is hard to choose! I will go with my favorite as of late which is a thai curry tofu with pineapple served over brown rice.


about 1 year ago Celine

Discovered Green Kitchen Stories few month ago via www.cleacuisine.fr. Loving it I am hooked and want to try all of those recipes. Gorgeous pictures, delicious recipes. Favourite recipes falafel, Lentil soup and pink cheesecake. Thanks a million.


about 1 year ago calah

I love making arugula salads with farro, dates, avocado, mint, blueberries and whatever nuts I have in my pantry. I top it off with a little salt and pepper and olive oil. It's great for a warm summer evening.


about 1 year ago subadka

We love millet topped with ratatouille (veggies to your taste - zucchini in season :)) and cheese, baked together. Delicious as the millet has the all the flavor of the juice from the veggies.


about 1 year ago Fran

As a recent convert to vegetarian cooking I am experimenting with lots of recipes and loving nearly all of them and although not vegetarian I'm not missing the meat! My recent favourite is a butternut squash and spinach balti style curry, mild in spice but full of flavour - perfect with homemade chapatis and wholegrain rice.


about 1 year ago MrKevinLei

I'm a big fan of dill, avocados and any kind of grain salad. So, when I found this Golden Quinoa Salad with Lemon, Dill & Avocado on TheKitchn, boy was I ecstatic! I'm hooked on it now!

Check it out here: http://www.thekitchn.com...


about 1 year ago Hannah

I pretty much eat all vegetarian, but last night we made black bean/broccoli/bell pepper emapanadas with mole seasoning.


about 1 year ago anntruelove

Tex-Mex veggie casserole is my all time favorite summer vegetarian dish. The recipe comes from a cookbook called Blue Corn and Chocolate by Elizabeth Rozin.


about 1 year ago crazyasitsounds

All of my favorite recipes are vegetarian, as I don't eat meat. But one of my recent favorites is a chili-cornbread pie: beans and tomatoes and onions (and plenty of spice) sautéed together and then baked in a skillet with dollops of cornbread batter on top.


about 1 year ago Damizelle

I like to give my mother's traditional tabbouleh salad a new spin by adding cilantro, and making it with a finer wheat grain rather than bulgur.


about 1 year ago Amanda KP

My favorite vegetarian recipe is perfectly cooked polenta, which can take time & patience, topped with caramelized onions, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, and blue cheese. I would love to add a recipe from this book to my vegetarian cooking!


about 1 year ago Lily,Sheng

I love this "Stir-Fried Luffa Gourds with Eggs" dish from Serious Eats and I try to make it whenever I see luffa gourds for sale in the Asian market. This dish, though vegetarian, is umami because it calls for fish sauce!


about 1 year ago hlabenski

black bean salads with Mexican flavors


about 1 year ago Emily Flanagan

I love, and have always loved, stuffing kale with mixtures from around the world.... carrots, raisins and curry... feta and tomatoes with rice... my favorite recipes are flexible enough to accommodate whatever is hiding in my cooler that week.


about 1 year ago Desert Dryad

I have many of them, but my current favorite is a tomato and corn pie I make with fresh basil. There are never any leftovers.


about 1 year ago Kiku Vintage

My favorite is any Thai or Indian curry loaded with veggies or legumes, served with brown rice.


about 1 year ago BakerK

A Moroccan vegetarian tagine with chickpeas and loads of roasted root veggies always makes me swoon!


about 1 year ago Rebecca Grammer Collegio

White bean quinoa burgers. Soup full of veggies, beans and greens. Curry with cauliflower, chickpeas, peas and carrots. A galette full of sweet roasted summer veggies.


about 1 year ago cathy peabody

I've prepared and served the summer vegetable dish prepared "ceviche" style that was featured in Food and Wine magazine to two different sets of friends and family...with rave reviews and multiple requests for the recipe. This dish went with us to an outdoor concert and was the perfect side dish for not only my vegetarian friends but also for the rest of us "foodies". Thank you!


about 1 year ago Chelsea

My favorite recipe is baked vegetable pockets. They are filled with eggplant, mushrooms, cashews and more and wrapped in rice paper. The recipe is on my site, The Naked Fig! And my favorite GKS recipe is the saffron yogurt tart.


about 1 year ago Elizabeth Lane

I love oven roasted chickpeas with salt, pepper & thyme!


about 1 year ago Nav Sagoo

Whilst GKS is my go-to meal blog, my favourite vegetarian recipe is peanut tempeh summer rolls, featured on the thug kitchen website. Not only are they delicious and fast but the ingredients are wholly interchangeable with whatever veggies and protein you have skulking in your fridge. As an added bonus my partner is obsessed with making the perfectly shaped summer roll so I can keep having dinner made for me!


about 1 year ago Danijela

I love GKS blog. My all time favourites are Hemp Protein Bars.
Danijela K.


about 1 year ago Jessica36

This kidney bean stew with peanut butter and veggies is my favorite veggie recipe these days--it's fantastic!


about 1 year ago Agnes

My favourites are Hemp Protein bars! They are sooo good. :)


about 1 year ago Ellen Ferrier

At the moment I am getting really into raw baking - lots of dates, soaked nuts and raw cacao! Pick of the lot so far would have to be the 'Raw Vegan Chocolate Molten Lava Cake', found on the Gluten-Free Vegan Girl blog. Even my most cynical of friends who doesn't believe you can call a cake a cake without butter, flour, sugar and eggs, was a convert. Yum-a-num! :)


about 1 year ago deb oswald

My absolute favorite "recipe" is greens and beans, which is basically any sort of veg you like, sauteed in a pan, add generous heaps of greens, and mashed beans of some sort (white, black, blackeyed peas,etc) and some spices. Presto- lunch!! Always looking for something new, though! :)


about 1 year ago dominika

just one recipe? nah, impossible. hm. maybe white bean burgers with balsamic vinegar dressing, portobello mashrooms grilled with lemon and parsley in a big home made buns with black cumin... or fava bean burgers with carmelised black olives... or tikka masala potatoes, marinated for few hours and than slowly baked and served with mint labneh... and this perfect summer bulgur salad with grilled eggplant, tomatoes, mint dressing and pomegranate. so hungry right now!


about 1 year ago Jill Jen

I would love to win a copy of your book.....been trying to get all the way there for months....about90% now.


about 1 year ago Aleita

My favorite recipe is Herb & Pistachio Falafel, I really love all GKS recipes, so creative! Good luck everyone!


about 1 year ago Annette

I simply adore May Kaidees Black Sticky Rice with coconut milk, mango and banana. New pleasure heights!! Went to her vegetarian restaurant in Bangkok, make sure to do the same when you are around or at least get her cookbook.


about 1 year ago Kate Bright

I've just made the move to vegetarianism in the last couple of months, and I love food and preparation as a result of it. I think my favourite thing is the amount of things you can make with nuts, especially "sour cream" found in The Green Kitchen taco recipe. And fried eggs with dates from the book "Veggiestan." yum.....


about 1 year ago Lindsay

One of my favourite summer veggie recipes is from Heidi Swanson's "Super Natural Cooking". Its an asian-inspired dished called "Otsu", which in Japanese means, "something strange, quaint, stylish, chic, spicy or witty". Otsu is a bowl of buckwheat noodles tossed in a zesty ginger-sesame dressing, with tofu, cucumber slices, cilantro and green onions. In the summer I have it as a cool refreshing salad, in the winter eat it warm as a comforting meal. Now that I'm living in Copenhagen I add a scandi-twist to the dish by topping the noodles with Cress sprouts.


about 1 year ago Mariona Blanch

As a spanish I have to say my favourite is the watermelon gazpacho! So good!!


about 1 year ago Ivana

Thank you for the opportunity to win your book. I love your blog and the way of eating you present. My favorite vegetarian recipe during these hot days is definitely green salad with fresh veggies from our garden (lettuce, tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumber...) with garlic crutons and oil and balsamic vinaigrette dressing.


about 1 year ago Mads H Sørensen

Would have to be mums celery rissoles baked in the oven. Growing up on that is good stuff :)


about 1 year ago Anneli Dimholt

The Moroccan Quinoa Salad rocks my world!


about 1 year ago Lara

From Green kitchen stories I loved the rhuburb and strawberry lemonade and of course the World's Greates Vegetarian Lasagna. Myself, I also love to do a simple tomato-risotto, which is basically cooked like a normal risotto, but with water instead of stem and fresh tomatos (at least in the summer when they're tasty, in winter I prefer canned ones), fresh basil leaves and black olives. I've done this for years now and already passed the recipe on to many of my friends who loved it, too. Easy to make and always delicious, can hardly go wrong!


about 1 year ago Elma Van Biljon

I love veggies and your blog so much! I'd have to go with vegetarian pizza - you can pile up the vegetables plus it is always a hit with my kids :-)


about 1 year ago Nicoline

Love the Frozen Pink Cheesecake - and so do all my friends and family. In wintertime I often bake the bean brownie or make the Espresso and Oat Truffles - easy and fantastic :D
...Yes I love sweets ;)


about 1 year ago Mira

It's summer, so a big salad with fresh veggies, parsley&tahini sauce and roasted walnuts on top. Mmmm.


about 1 year ago Aniko Gyonyoru

My favorite veggie meal is a feta and egg filled crust with lots of veggies like tomato, spinach, sundried tomato. Love your blog so much! The dishes are so easy to make and delicious.


about 1 year ago Nina

I love simple things so your ideas for scrumbles and pancakes make life easier. As I also think brekkies are so important I get great ideas from your receipes :)


about 1 year ago LG

i love black bean and yam burritos with a good scoop of guacamole. avocados make everything better. I also really love your blog. great pictures and recipes. <3


about 1 year ago Mai

You have inspired me so much! To choose only one favorite recipe is almost impossible. Maybe vegetarian pizza. Thanks you guys for being so awesome!


about 1 year ago ami@naivecookcooks

My fav recipe is black bean brownies! Nobody could tell that they were made up of black beans!


about 1 year ago Agnese pore

Hello :) my fav veggie meal would be "The Worlds Best Lasanga",even my bf loved it! Also love the falafels and smoothies! Love your book and blog! Agnese


about 1 year ago Monica Sundström

My favorite veggie meal is a kind of roll made with tempeh, rice paper, lettuce, peanut butter, cucumber, carrot, cilantro, avocado, garlic, ginger and a hot chili sauce - it is AWESOME!!


about 1 year ago Aimee Gervais Derouen

I just made a vegan zucchini bread from fok book and it was ou5standing but I think my current favorite (favorites change frequently) would be engine 2 loaded rice and beans! Simple but delicious!


about 1 year ago Meg Schneider

My favorite veggie recipe is balela bean salad. I usually use black beans, chickpeas, tomatoes, and an olive oil dressing and then whatever else I have on hand. My family and I love it!


about 1 year ago Corinna

My favourite recipe would have to be from the Green Kitchens Book its the baked herb and pistachio falafels they are so yummy. Easy to make and so much healthier than frying them. Plus the kids love them and I take take them Uni for a quick and healthy inexpensive lunch


about 1 year ago lpenney14

My favorite varies with the season and what's fresh and available. This spring I made a hash out of potatoes, brussels sprouts, and beets that I topped with a fried egg - it was divine!


about 1 year ago Meagen

One of my favorite vegetarian dishes is actually an old Weight Watchers recipe I make all the time. The recipe contains lentils, goat cheese and mint.


about 1 year ago Cristina

I love to cook vegetarian meals for my family. One of my family's favorite is a quinoa salad with lentils and fresh vegetables from the farmers market such as tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, carrots, green ognions, parsley. It changes according to the seasons and what I can find at the farmers market. Another favorite is a delicious frittata with shredded vegetables. They add grate flavor and color to a simple, but so delicious breakfast, lunch or diner. It is also great the next day for fast and healthy lunches.


about 1 year ago alexi

My favorite would have to be a tofu & veggie stir fry with a ginger and garlic sauce! Lots of kale, carrots, broccoli, & snap peas. Loaded with nutrients and divine!


about 1 year ago lmikkel

Right now my favorite vegetarian recipes involve zucchini: zucchini fritters, marinated zucchini, and tonight, stuffed zucchini with mushrooms and tomatoes from our garden.


about 1 year ago Noel Poirier McCormick

I'm a former vegetarian and still cook a lot of vegetarian food. My favorite recipe is from one of Deborah Madison's cookbooks. It's a Moroccan dish with chickpeas, tomatoes and spinach. Delicious!


about 1 year ago Jennifer

My favorite veggie recipes are my breakfast porridges. I simmer whole grains (either oats or other rolled grains or pre-cooked grains like quinoa, millet, or rice) in almond milk with spices, fruit, toasted nuts or seeds, and possibly some honey or maple syrup. They keep me full for the entire morning and give me the fuel I need for my work-outs.


about 1 year ago Heather Engman

David, Luise, & Elise, I am a HUGE fan of any smoothies made with fruit and veggies OR your Beet Burgers! They were amazing!! Love you all! Love, Heather Engman


about 1 year ago Xiao Fang

There are many many great recipes and pictures. I always thinking is there a way to cook healthy but delicious recipes for my family and now i found it! ^^ Your website gave me some inspiration, I smashed banana and add into my oat/buckwheat meal to have sweet taste and it's really good! Love to learn more from you. Namaste!


about 1 year ago Blaine Arin

In summertime, I love room temperature lentil salads with roasted vegetables and a tangy miso dressing. So easy and so satisfying.


about 1 year ago Devon Hernandez

My favorite vegetarian dish would be any type of grain any veggie salad. I've recently been obsessed with bulgur wheat and made a salad of it with cubes, red onion, chick peas, red bell pepper, tomato and a cumin-lime vinaigrette. I didn't even want to share it with my hubby. I ate almost the entire bowl, I couldn't put my spoon down! :-)


about 1 year ago Devon Hernandez

Auto correct...I meant grain AND veggie salads, and cukes not cubes.


about 1 year ago keilah

Baked falafel or a nice, fresh green salad. Or the two put together! Oh, and yummy smoothies!


about 1 year ago jo ann heinzl

My favorite vegetarian recipes are two Beetroot burgers and Paleo Bread from Green Kitchen Stories. I am new to cooking such wonderful vegetable and nut recipes. I still eat meat but very little starch. With the recipes I'm cooking from this wedsite I'll be trying many more.


about 1 year ago val

I don't know if I could pick a favorite? So I'll tell you what I made today that was awesome. A simply dressed potato salad that is made with potatoes that are sliced then roasted. The roasted flavors makes this salad stand out!


about 1 year ago Tahel Klein

what a beautiful family!:) such love and appreciation for life's most precious things... My favorite (or one of many I should say;)) dish at the moment is so simple and delicious! fresh organic greens with cilantro, parsley, avocado,mushrooms,capers, walnut and sunflower seeds with any other veggies in the fridge dresses in olive oil, lemon, salt, pepper and a bit of balsamic vinegar with a serving of fermented veggies so simple it's heaven!


about 1 year ago Patty

Make that "People who HATE chard love this".


about 1 year ago Patty

Medium Heat: Onion, garlic, olive oil - sauté. Chopped roma tomato. Chiffonade chard, salt, pepper - Stir, done in less than 5 minutes. People who ate chard love this.


about 1 year ago Beatrice

I love pasta (or noodles) and I always make a wonderful recipe from Y. Ottolenghi's book: soba noodles with eggplant and mango "ragout". To die for


about 1 year ago Denise

My favorite vegetarian recipe are healthy breakfast & lunch recipes, for kids and adults who are fuzzy eaters ;) My favorite one at the moment is a Green Kitchen inspired version of Banana Pancakes. They're delicious, no Sugar, and no kid or fuzzy adult would ever guess they're healthy! Plus they're great to put in the lunchbox too for work and school!:)


about 1 year ago alicia

there are way too many! but a go-to crowd pleaser that carnivores love is a dish of creamy polenta, kale, portabello mushrooms, toasted pine nuts...and a touch of goat cheese


about 1 year ago Meredith R.

I love dishes that are simple, fresh, colorful and pack a flavor punch. I've been making this divine pea, sweet white miso & mint dip repeatedly this summer. I love tacos. And homemade maple cinnamon almond butter.


about 1 year ago Heather Crawford

My favorite vegetarian and GF recipe is actually yours! The banana pancakes are TO DIE FOR and I loveeee them!


about 1 year ago audra

banana icecream
just unpeeled frozen bananas and cinnamon blended together : )


about 1 year ago Dec12

Muhammara dip with seasonal raw veggies & pita chips from Didi Emmons Vegetarian Planet. Addictively delicious!


about 1 year ago Abby Reisner

Anything involving sweet potato- especially sweet potato/black bean tacos!


about 1 year ago Rosadinde Doornenbal

Summer has finally reached the Netherlands. And when temperatures rise, we Dutchies tend to spend our evenings outdoors with our bbq’s in the park. For many people bbq is a an equivalent for meat, but I am proving everybody wrong. This summer my favourite vegetarian dishes from the grill are: Mexican-style grilled corn with coconut oil, garlic and lime & spicy black bean burgers with almond butter and oatmeal. And to cool down I make lots of frozen fruit cheesecake, inspired by GK, but with my own twist and already tried in many forms (for example with mango, pineapple, blood orange). Loved by many. And so good you won’t miss the meat. Thanks for the inspiration!


about 1 year ago Abby

My favorite vegetarian dishes include black beans. Generally in taco-form. I saute whatever vegetables I have on hand, then stir in black beans (refried vegetarian if I have them) and lots of spices and peppers (oregano, cumin, cayenne, chipotle in adobo). I use this as the basis of the taco and pile on lots of cilantro.


about 1 year ago Erica Julson

Favorite vegetarian recipe for sure is just a simple pan of beet greens and cannelini beans, sauteed with olive oil and slivered garlic, topped with some pecorino romano cheese. Scooped up with crusty sourdough bread- it's perfect!


about 1 year ago SitaSD

My favourite vegetarian recipe would have to be Indian yellow daal with steamed basmati rice. The daal sings, and the spices are balanced. The dish is filling, satisfying and delicious. It is also really simple to make once you know how. What more could you ask of a recipe!


about 1 year ago Kelli

I have a lentil soup recipe that looks boring but tastes amazing.


about 1 year ago Lauren Waters

My favourite vegetarian dished are ones that include vibrant colours. I love to puree beetroot and let it colour my rice pink. I love the verdant green of brussel sprouts and the vibrant orange of carrots.


about 1 year ago fivebrowns

i'm with @jessicakozlowski...i try to let the season's pickings inspire what winds up on the table. most recently, i've been grilling peaches sprinkled with sea salt, pepper and fresh sage. so yummy, whether part of a main dish with salad and other veggies, or even with home-made coconut milk vanilla ice cream.


about 1 year ago jessicakozlowski

Usually a combination of whatever is in season! My favorite is roasted root vegetables-this simple preparation of vegetables allows you to experience their flavor wholly. Currently for the summer though i have been making a lot of kale salads mixed with whatever else is coming up in our garden!


about 1 year ago Kelsey

One of my favorite vegetarian recipes is barley risotto with asparagus, peas and mint! Yummy and hearty!


about 1 year ago valeria13pg

For me it must definitely be a nice warm lentil salad with seasonal veggies (I really enjoy it with roasted squash/pumpkin, onions, some seeds or nuts and a bit of cranberries); or a nice lentil soup as well. In general, anything with lentils and nice veggies rocks!!


about 1 year ago Sarka

My absolute all time favourite recipe is puy lentil salad with roasted beets, baby greens and balsamic vinegar dressing.


about 1 year ago Nina M. Bille Jensen

Spinach quiche with cheese and almonds


about 1 year ago Allyson

I know it's boring, but my fiancé and I always have lentil soup in the house, and we've yet to make it the same way twice. And I love it so much that I eat it at least three times a week.


about 1 year ago Gloria En la Huerta

I have too many favorites, but if I must, it would be vegan tacos *I am a Mexivegan!
I use blue corn when available, if not, yellow corn tortillas. I prepare delicious fillings, a favorite one being cactus, portobello, kale, garlic, lemon and some black beans with a "suit to taste" using your preferred seasonings. I top with Mexican slaw *purple cabbage, green cabbage, finely shredded and some cilantro with more lime juice. Then top it off with tomatillo guacamole! All homemade, of course! SABROSO!


about 1 year ago Thor ton

Pattypan squash, with pecans and corn kernals.


about 1 year ago elizabeth

Lentil tacos or quinoa with beans over a salad.


about 1 year ago astrid

Baked Herb & Pistachio Falafel - tastes best with the Mint Yoghurt! Such a refreshing taste with the mint!!


about 1 year ago Danizmango

We make a delicious black bean burger that never gets old, and both of my young daughters, who are not fearless eaters, love it every time.


about 1 year ago Coach Seinberg

My vegan matzoh ball soup. I am a nice Jewish omnivore with a vegan best friend. So I set out to make a soup we could both love and I couldn't BELIEVE how much I loved the vegan version. Even Nanny Bert would have approved.


about 1 year ago Lindsay S.

Matar Paneer with homemade paneer cheese and garden goodies: peas, tomatoes, local honey, ginger, garlic, cashews, cilantro, and a bunch of fresh Indian spices. This is delicious over good brown rice!


about 1 year ago Nicola

I absolutely love the World's Greatest Vegetable Lasagne - it truly is the best. I won't even think about a normal lasagne any more because GK's is so delicious and nutritious. So many layers of flavours! I can't help but add even more roasted vegetables and extra of the gorgeous lemon basil ricotta. It is amazing!


about 1 year ago mary

I really love to use root vegetables slow roasted with fennel, onions, olive oil and herbs, rosemary for sure , thyme and sometimes basil


about 1 year ago acacia

A big thank you to David, Luise and Elsa for their amazing recipes and inspiring blog. Everything I have made from their blog has been fantastic and I am particularly a fan of their Decadent Beetroot Chocolate Cake.
At the moment my favourite vegetarian recipe is a simple but tasty chickpea snack made from roasting cooked chickpeas with coriander seeds, turmeric, chilli powder and salt.
Thanks for the awesome post on healthy eating.


about 1 year ago Sovica Oka

My vote goes to granola :-9


about 1 year ago anitram

My delicious Asian-inspired soup to which I add more and different vegetables every time I make it.


about 1 year ago Leann

My number one favorite vegetarian dish will always be salad. Especially when the greens are super fresh and the vinaigrette is homemade. One of my new favorite recipes is Sarah Britton's Massaged Kale Salad with Poppy Seed dressing. Massaging kale makes such a difference! At the moment I'm preparing a kale slaw to stuff into baked sweet potatoes.


about 1 year ago vs

what’s-left-in-the-fridge salad:
basil, mint, chickpeas, avocado; dressing of tahini, white wine vinegar, olive oil, za’atar, Himalayan rock salt

i made a green juice yesterday with pretty much the same ingredients *haha*


about 1 year ago Daria Faulkner

It's hard but I think my favorite is nori rolls with quinoa, asparagus, carrots, beets, avocado..pretty much any vegetable and sesame seeds


about 1 year ago Jessica VanLuxemborg

Using zucchini butter for dips, spreads and more :)


about 1 year ago Claire

My favorite vegetarian recipe is Slow-Roasted Tomatoes. I top/sprinkle/drizzle sliced tomatoes (fresh from my garden, this time of year!) with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and a pinch of sugar- then roast at 200 degrees. Every hour for about four hours, I turn the tomatoes. Then enjoy with fresh, crusty bread or in a frittata, with zucchini/squash noodles-- or pretty much anything! There are more details on my cooking blog here: http://eleganteating.me...


about 1 year ago happymontycooks

I like making a "rice" out of cauliflower or kohlrabi, pairing it with kimchi (can be made vegetarian by omitting the fish sauce) or sauerkraut, and some cooked beans.


about 1 year ago Alicia Chon

My favorite is Korean Bibimbap, which I eat without eggs or beef. It's very wholesome, and with the leaves, sprouts, and douse of fermented spicy bean paste, very tasty!


about 1 year ago Jillian

I read David and Luise's blog often and love their recipes! I ate this salad all winter long last year, which provided some awesome variety and brightness to the long, dark winter nights in Vancouver. http://www.greenkitchenstories...


about 1 year ago ladywild

I'm a huge fan of grains. One of our favorite meals is farro or quinoa with feta, basil, mint, toasted walnuts, and dried cherries. Sometimes we toss in some arugula. So filling. So yummy.


about 1 year ago Hgranger

Today, cold farro salad with broccoli, yellow pepper, green onions, cranberry, pistachios, and crumbled feta with a lemon juice, honey, olive oil, garlic, smoked paprika, allspice dressing. (Variation of Ottolenghi's Farro salad p.234 of 'Plenty")


about 1 year ago AmyL

Crispy fried tofu smothered with teriyaki sesame sauce. I don't cook vegetarian often enough, this cookbook would be a great addition to my library.


about 1 year ago Nikki Navratil

Kudos! My favorite recipe of the moment is probably my Roasted Carrots & Cauliflower in West African Peanut Sauce with Wild Rice. :) http://goodveg.squidoo...



about 1 year ago stephanie29

kale fried rice! or veggie enchiladas!


about 1 year ago Franziska

Definitely the Spinach, Almond and Date Salad from Sami Tamimi's and Yotam Ottolenghi's "Jerusalem".
The flavour combination may seem unusual at first glance (at least for someone like me who cooks mostly classical European dishes), but together with the sumac and chillies it is magical.


about 1 year ago Kimberlee T

Serious Eats "kale with chickpeas adn sumac onions" AWESOME!


about 1 year ago heyjude

Gazpacho with sourdough croutons


about 1 year ago bakeaholic

I love 101 Cookbook's tofu burgers. They're so easy to make - just put everything in the food processor! - and taste good with any topping you can think of or crumbled up in a salad.


about 1 year ago lars udsen

Lentil moussaka - incredible tasty :-)


about 1 year ago jill

I love a tempeh reuben. marinated tempeh, avocado, sauerkraut, russian dressing on marble rye. oh yes.


about 1 year ago nadiact

too many to begin to describe! i'll do two extremes...
on the simplicity end: smashed avocado + lemon + salt on toast
on the complex side: roasted veggie lasagna with cashew cheese, a balsamic reduction sauce, and blistered cherry tomatoes


about 1 year ago Sarah Fancher

My all-time favorite vegetarian dish is the mjeddrah an Iraqi friend's mother taught me to make - it's such a simple yet sultry combination of lentils, rice and sumptuous caramelized onions. It's humble but rich, and always so satisfying.


about 1 year ago Carly DeFilippo

My favorite vegetarian recipe probably is Yotam Ottolenghi's fennel, feta, pomegranate and sumac salad. Or roasted carrots with zaatar and lemon.


about 1 year ago Chris Belanger

Korma! It can be made with meat, but it is so hearty and rib sticking without it, you don't need to bother.


about 1 year ago Genevieve Mirelle

Spelt-crust pizza with garlic scape pesto, summer squash, fresh arugula, and locally-made chevre.... AMAZING!


about 1 year ago pan_zareta

Avocados breaded with toasted crushed pepitas and corn flakes, served with elotes (grilled corn with mayo, butter, cotija cheese and paprika) and seasoned black beans.


about 1 year ago pan_zareta

Forgot to add to fry those avocados!


about 1 year ago Karolina

Roast cauliflower or celeriac. Sprinkled with cumin, salt and olive oil. Some lemon juice before serving. I love it with a green salad and/or some thick yoghurt (spiked with some garlic, perhaps)


about 1 year ago Julie

Vegetarian chilli is my favorite!


about 1 year ago Aliwea

These days, it's a variation on this salad from Everybody Likes Sandwiches http://everybodylikessandwiches.... Tonight it's kale and quinoa, with fresh beets, cucumbers, potatoes and tomatoes from the garden and a bit of feta crumbled on top.


about 1 year ago ohsovane

Our current fave is tofu and kale stuffed portabello caps!


about 1 year ago Kmfood

So hard to choose. I keep things simple most nights with a grain and bean salad. Choose a grain, a bean, two or three vegetables, and some kind of simple vinaigrette. Last night was farro, chickpeas, brussels sprouts, kale and shallots with a tahini vinaigrette.


about 1 year ago seaphotog

I found a recipe for cauliflower and chickpea stew (in RealSimple - to give credit) and have modified it a bit: Saute 1 onion in some olive oil, when translucent add cumin, ginger and salt/pepper. Dump in a large can of tomatoes w liquid, a regular can of chickpeas (garbonzos) and about 1/2c of water. Put the cut up head of cauliflower in there and a handful of raisins for some sweetness. Bring to boil, then turn down and simmer about 20 mins. Finally - add some spinach or kale or chard for color - just until wilted. Serve over couscous or rice.


about 1 year ago Kate

My mother's tomato sandwiches! Always with tomatoes from our garden, but simple with just some whole-grain bread, dijon mustard, homemade mayo, salt, and pepper. One bite and I'm transported back to childhood summers. I will definitely be making them for my children one day.


about 1 year ago Kate

Oh, and basil. Key ingredient!


about 1 year ago Kimberlee T

I LOVE Quinoa salads. I find quinoa so versitiel and i can make one plain batch and build several different salads-in-a-mason-jar for the week.


about 1 year ago josie

Favourite is veggie lasgna. Something I would have never thought I would like and its delicious.


about 1 year ago Nick S

Banana-Avocado Smoothie!
1.5 small frozen bananas, 1/2 medium avocado, heaping cup of spinach, 1 tbsp spirulina, 2 tbsp chia seeds, 1/2 cup coconut milk, agave nectar to taste,