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Yotam Ottolenghi on Israeli Cooking (Plus a Giveaway!)

By • September 17, 2013 • 188 Comments

We're sitting down with our favorite writers and cooks to talk about their upcoming cookbooks, their best food memories, and just about anything else.

Today: Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi, authors of Ottolenghi: The Cookbook, share their thoughts on Israeli cooking, food inspirations, and their favorite ways to cook at home. We're also giving away five copies of their book!


Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi are quite the team. Together they founded London's most popular take-away deli, Ottolenghi; opened a fine dining restaurant; and coauthored three cookbooks that have won them a loyal following. Earlier this month, they released their first book, Ottolenghi: The Cookbook in the US, which was first written in 2008 in response to customer demand for the recipes behind their shops' most-loved dishes. 

With behind-the-scenes snapshots of the restaurant, patrons, and team scattered among sumptuous photographs of food, Ottolenghi: The Cookbook introduces us to the cooking style that began what is now an empire. Read on as we talk to Yotam about the present and future of their cooking -- and enter to win a copy of the book below!

Israeli chefs, Jewish and Palestinian alike, are opening up more and more restaurants across the US. What do you think is pushing this influx forward? Might there be an Ottolenghi/Tamimi American outpost one of these days?

We’re both huge fans of America: Sami’s just back from his holiday in New York having had what he described as one of the best meals of his life at The NoMad. For a man not inclined towards hyperbole, this is a pretty stunning compliment! Setting up shop outside London is a constant conversation, but there are no plans to do so for now. Our team is a pretty close-knit family and we love our day-to-day contact and visits between the delis, restaurants, and test kitchen, checking in on everything and chatting with staff and customers.

Like slightly over-protective parents, we know the family will spread its wings at some point, but for now it feels right for everything to be at arm’s length and under our close watch. Who knows that the future will bring, though. Some of my happiest memories are in America -– a formative few months in San Francisco as a kid, a recent period spent in Boston –- and I’ve no doubt there will be many more.

There has been a lot of talk over the past few years about "New Israeli cuisine." What does that mean to you?

Sometimes there is confusion between Palestinian food and new Israeli food because Israelis have incorporated many of the mainstays of Palestine into their diets. There is, however, a deepening sense of new food that is unique to Israel and is championed by both home cooks and chefs. This cuisine takes Palestinian elements (aubergine, hummus, tahini, garlic, and many particular cooking techniques) and homely Jewish Sephardic elements, plus (to a much lesser degree) a few Ashkenazi influences and other general European trends -- and amalgamates everything into a culinary style that is becoming more recognized in the US and the UK. I heard about the Zucker Bakery’s Kubbeh Project and Michael Solomonov at Momofuku Ss?m Bar which both sounded great. I’m also intrigued to try the tomatillo-sauced ‘green shakshuka’ at Jack’s Wife Freda the next time I'm in New York.

More: We know Israeli food is more than hummus, but this Genius recipe will always be a favorite.



What types of cooking inspire you these days?

So much, all of the time! I’m just back from a summer of travelling, cooking, and filming around the islands of Corsica, Crete, Sardinia and Mallorca so there’s a huge amount to draw upon from this. Some highlights which I’m keen to get experimenting with: pulenda, the chestnut polenta I had in Corsica; the sweet Mallorcan ensaïmada pastries; Crete’s savoury bougatsa pastries; a stunning fava purée I had in Crete called Koukia, with capers and onions. An idea here, a taste there: it all gets filed somewhere in the brain for future testing.

I’m also crazy right now for any cooking which makes use of fermented ingredients -- like kimchi, brown miso, and the fermented yogurt kashk.

What do you each cook when you have a day off? Or do you bring home leftovers?

For me, there are often leftovers from a day spent in the test kitchen but, to be honest, it’s often take-away sushi or noodles or some simple pasta at home. Sami is a fantastically eager home cook and cooks properly on most nights.

Beyond olive oil, salt, and pepper, what are the five ingredients that you always have stocked in refrigerator or pantry?

Lemons, garlic, red wine, dark chocolate, and a can of smoked oysters.

We're giving away five copies of Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi's cookbook, Ottolenghi: The Cookbook! To enter, tell us in the comments: what are your favorite Israeli and/or Palestinian recipes? We'll pick winners at random by Friday, September 20th at 3 PM EST.

Photo of Yotam and Sami by Geoff Pugh. Cover photo by Jonathan Lovekin. Hummus photo by James Ransom.

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Comments (188)


4 months ago CB

And why is the new cookbook called Ottolenghi when its the work of both? I find this wierd and will not buy it for that reason.


4 months ago CB

My goodness. The recipes are all based on Palestinian dishes. If there is a fusion, fine , but stop calling them Israeli.


11 months ago aargersi

Abbie is a trusted source on General Cooking.

Did you announce the cookbook winners somewhere?


11 months ago unburritable

Shakshouka is one of my all-time favorites, but I'm also a sucker for a good tabouleh or a jachnun.


11 months ago Joanna

Savory favorites: carrot salad, shakshouka, and anything with eggplant.
Sweet favorites: honey apple cake and sufganiyot.


11 months ago Susan B.

I love mujaddara and carrot salads. Pretty much anything with cumin and Middle Eastern spices.


11 months ago cookinginvictoria

So fun to read through everyone's comments. I love homemade falafel, hummus, anything made with charred eggplant, and mujaddara, but if I could only pick one dish it would have to be homemade, fresh from the oven challah bread!


11 months ago Sipa

Moroccan spiced chicken served with Israeli couscous.


11 months ago Siri Pulipaka

I simply love hummus in any form and try to make it many different ways not just chickpeas. Next comes Z'atar spiced :D


11 months ago CarlaCooks

I grew up in a city with a large Armenian population, so I initially though hummus, baba ganoush, and dolma were solely Armenian. Traveling around the Middle East and eastern Mediterranean area has taught me otherwise, and I love finding how each country alters the dish. I think dolma's are still my favorite, and so far I've enjoyed the Armenian, Turkish, Greek, and Israeli versions.


11 months ago Kim O

Anything with eggplants! Salat ?atzilim is a fave of mine.


11 months ago chestnutflour

I love the eggplant with yogurt dish at Nopi. If I can't make it to london, I live on hummus and baba ghanouj.


11 months ago jamcook

All of the salads with chickpeas and wonderful spices


11 months ago Annette



11 months ago lbell16

With my abundance of eggplant, I've been doing many charred eggplant dips. Love the recipe from Jerusalem!


11 months ago AllisonGG

I don't know if its Israeli or Palestinian, but I have made their soba with mango and eggplant a million times and love it!


11 months ago Franziska

Before Sami Tamimi and Yotam Ottoleghi's 'Jerusalem', I had honestly never cooked any Palestinian/Israeli dishes. Now I am basically hooked, thus making it very difficult to choose favourite dishes. Early favourites (I feel like I need to do much more cooking of Palestinian and Israeli dishes to truly decide on a favourite) are Shakshuka, Kofta and Hummus which are recipes I keep coming back to and which have established themselves as staple dishes in our household because they are so delicious.


11 months ago Tina Fruehauf

Muhammara a la Rawia from Tanoreen. Amazing dish. My husband makes it now to perfection with his own spice mix


11 months ago Miss Hangrypants

Baba ganoush forever


11 months ago amymills

I love falafel, but would it be blasphemous if I said I said I think I prefer lebanese-style falafel to israeli? ;) But really, hummus, stuffed grape leaves, dates, and any pastry that's dripping with syrup are some of the best things in the world to me.


11 months ago Drew



11 months ago ATG117

A favorite is tough. I'll go with hummus, tahini, and soft pita.


11 months ago Jennifer Johnson

Shakshuka; fresh, fresh hummus with olive oil, cucumbers, feta; zhoug!


11 months ago zanzibarcake

I like ptitim. Challah was the first bread I learned to bake. It's so beautiful.


11 months ago JoJoKoKo

shakshuka all day, every day.


11 months ago d5kippy

Baba Ganoush and hummus, although I'm definitely interested in trying anything/everything else!


11 months ago calendargirl

Anything with eggplant and falafel, falafel, falafel!


11 months ago Lipska

Sabikh, or however you would spell it!


11 months ago ohyoucook

Falafel. And hummus!


11 months ago Tania C

Anything Ottolenghi!!!! Anywhere anytime! Makes every experience unforgettable!


11 months ago wwarren31

Shakshuka would definitely be high on my list. The braised eggs with lamb on the cover of Jerusalem is pretty amazing as is his Eggplant with yogurt sauce and pomegranate seeds


11 months ago Kathy



11 months ago artclady2

Shakshuka from Ottolenghi's PLENTY!


11 months ago Karen a

Shakshuka, tabouli, tahini, fatush salad, grape leaves....my list can go on and on....


11 months ago chdoo



11 months ago Meg

mmmmmmm falafel, to be sure!


11 months ago crazyasitsounds

Shakshuka is my favorite, though I confess to being a fan of just about any excuse to eat eggs outside of breakfast.


11 months ago jstew52



11 months ago ashley's brain

falafel for something filling, hummus (in whatever version/variation) for something filling and generally nutritious, and halvah for something sweet. Or shwarma. or soo many others...


11 months ago Jen P

Jerusalem-style falafel!


11 months ago spoon

The Ottolenghi recipe for carrot salad.


11 months ago Margaret Connolly



11 months ago russeaime

Israeli couscous or falafel. Although it's a hard choice - I could eat Israeli food all the time.


11 months ago Sheri Williams

I love hummus, harissa, and
any salad with cucumber and grains and herbs.


11 months ago Nelliana Kuh

Shakshuka is hands down my go to meal. It's so easy and ridiculously delicious.


11 months ago Shallot

My husband loves Mujaddera.


11 months ago Rebecca Einstein Schorr

My favourite Israeli food is shwarma and specifically from a place at near the top of the midrachov in Jerusalem. As for recipes, I love my mother's Israeli salad. And her harissa is pretty amazing too.


11 months ago SaraG

Seriously, baba ganoush.


11 months ago EmilyS1220

I basically worship baba ganoush.


11 months ago Ange Reese

I haven't been able to find a recipe for hummus that tastes like what I had in Israel in 2011 until I came across Ottolenghi's recipe in Jersualem. I almost broke two food processors trying to make it, but it was the best stuff in the world, and brought back so many memories of my visit.


11 months ago Marcelo Cerullo

Shakshouka with crushed runny eggs!


11 months ago Burf

hummus, hands down. the ice water makes all the difference, thanks for the tip!


11 months ago tcho

toasted Israeli couscous with pistachios and and rehydrated mushroom broth.


11 months ago susan g

The shakshuka my Israeli brother in law makes, the preserved lemons his machatuna makes, homemade hummus I've made for many years... a fusion that benefits from splendid agriculture.


11 months ago petite_oiseau

mahadra and halva are among my favorites, but really I think it is impossible to pick only a few!


11 months ago trixoakley

Any cake with ground almonds as the "flour"


11 months ago Jason

israeli moussaka...veggie style for me.


11 months ago topdawg11

Shawarma would be my favorite, but the hummus is great too.


11 months ago em-i-lis

Emily is a trusted source on General Cooking.

making the hummus today!


11 months ago Bloominanglophile

The Israeli and Palestinian cuisines are still relatively unfamiliar to me, but my family really enjoys hummus. It makes a quick, healthy meal with veg and pita, and is great for kid's lunch boxes (not to mention picnics, as it travels well). I had a newly pregnant friend who lost her appetite due to nausea...until she tried some of my hummus!


11 months ago barbscullion

haven't had much food from this area but i do love hummus


11 months ago Desert Dryad

I've never had Israeli or Palestinian food. That's why I need this book! Pick me!


11 months ago bookgeekgirl

Oh, I want this book SO BAD! I got Plenty for Christmas last year, and I cook from it all the time! I really love Fattoush salad, with a lemony-sumac dressing.


11 months ago Christina Pappas

kofta kebabs. I also melt for fresh pita bread.


11 months ago hb



11 months ago nogaga

There's so much... the kafte at Damascus Gate; the grilled lamb, the olive oil, the goat yoghurt, the wild spices. Kubbe soup with beets. Spelt bread. I'll stop... ;-)


11 months ago RHafer

halva, labneh, and mejadra! and of course that chicken and rice dish in Jerusalem!


11 months ago Leelu

Israeli salad with a little sumac in the dressing and some crumbled feta!


11 months ago Jamie Betesh

Simple quintessential Israeli salad with mint


11 months ago Allison Aylward

The challah! So light and fluffy and such a delicious treat any time of day! Plus, it's a gorgeous bread that brightens up any kitchen.


11 months ago za'atar

Anything with fresh figs - for me, the smell of figs ripening on the tree will always make me homesick for Israel. Hard to find fresh figs in Chicago so I'll settle for red lentil stew with pita, hummus, and oil-cured olives.


11 months ago mikansan

Another shashuka lover here. In fact, I love Ottolenghi's recipe for shashuka.


11 months ago caroline ford

More than any one recipe, I love the variety, emphasis and care with vegetables and grains and the flavor profiles of spices within the cuisine.


11 months ago SoICook



11 months ago loubaby

Falafel in Pita with Hummus.....Romesco Sauce...Tabbouleh....I have enjoyed many of "Plenty" recipes....so little time...so many recipes to explore...


11 months ago AlexisA.B.

I would have to say his dish of beautifully roasted butternut squash with sour cream dollops, gingerly sprinkled with fresh cilantro and lime zest + juice! So simple yet so amazing!


11 months ago EMR

We recently hosted a dinner party featuring recipes from "Plenty". The spicy Moroccan carrot salad and the lentils with broiled eggplant were amazing: complex flavors that left one satisfied but not stuffed. The evening was filled with story telling and laughter. Everyone lingered at the table and did not seem to want the evening to end...Was it the food?? I think so...


11 months ago Zoe Marks

It has to be Challah...it means it's friday.


11 months ago Miranda Murray

This cookbook looks amazing! One of my absolute favorite Israeli dishes is shakshuka -- I love the smell of tomatoes when combined with spices and garlic in the pan, and the bright yellow egg adds visual appeal to the whole dish.


11 months ago Sharon

The stuffed vegetable dishes are my favorite!


11 months ago KLi

One of the best dishes I've ever had was a lamb maqluba. The lamb was so juicy and flavorful and complemented the fluffy, flavorful basmati rice and vegetables perfectly.


11 months ago nursey

Not sure if you'd be kind enough to post to the UK, but I so want this book! Love labneh and currently am cooking a lot of 'green' rice


11 months ago BAD Cook

Israeli salad


11 months ago pamelarupright

Every single thing in "Jerusalem" but especially the herb pie and roasted chicken with clementines and arak


11 months ago Cindy lillard

Oh, it must be Ottolenghi's caramelized garlic tart---a real dream.


11 months ago patsylu

Shakshuka. I love to say it. I love to make it. I particularly love to eat it.


11 months ago Kate

Spiced Greek yogurt, with any combo of za'atar, cumin, cinnamon, cayenne, herbs, and lemon. Don't judge, but I often eat it by itself as a snack and clean the bowl.


11 months ago Rachel C.

I absolutely love falafels dipped in hummus (Yotam's smooth hummus recipe goes perfectly with all types of hummus!), and I love the soft texture of challah.


11 months ago Rachel C.

*goes perfectly with all types of falafels ;)


11 months ago blizblazz

I love shakshuka and all it's variations, thanks to a video I saw of Mr. Ottolenghi online. Genius! Saw the cookbook at the library and was going to check it out... but maybe now I will have my own copy... Lovely interview. Thanks, as always, for the great site.


11 months ago Angela Norris Hirschauer

I'm a novice in the realm of Israeli cooking. Maybe falafel or hummus but I bet there a lot of other more dishes I'm not aware exist. I need this cookbook!


11 months ago michelle y.

Falafel for sure , and anything with za'atar in it/on it!


11 months ago gorzd

Roasted butternut squash and red onions with tahini - from "Jerusalem" - SO delicious!


11 months ago heyjude

The caramelized garlic tart from Plenty.


11 months ago Olga

Baba Ganoush, i.e anything with eggplant in it.


11 months ago ldl

anything from their Jerusalem cookbook -- everything is divine. A new favorite is chicken with currants and apricots.


11 months ago Bevi

Chicken beasts baked in fresh orange juice and honey with crushed hot peppers. A kibbutz dish I ate while staying with friends at Neot Mordechai, in the Upper Galil.
The kibbutz had a shoe factory and lots of chickens!


11 months ago vvvanessa

A fully loaded falafel with creamy hummus, tahini, roasted eggplant, and marinated cabbage.


11 months ago DelvauxC

hmm, falafel with a yogurt sauce and hummus!


11 months ago sophia jl

fresh laffah with hummus and pickles!!


11 months ago Elizabeth

Challah (especially when turned into French toast), anything made out of chickpeas, chermoula, shakshuka (tried it scrambled into eggs, to great effect).


11 months ago creamtea

Sachlav; No wait, mahlabi. Sachlav...I can't decide.


11 months ago aussiefoodie

Shakshouka is one of my new favorite brunch dishes - wonderful spicy flavored tomato sauce, with eggs poached in it - mmm.


11 months ago SallyM

Fatoush salad, hummus, falafel from "World's Best Falafel" in the Marais in Paris!


11 months ago henandchicks

Falafel and more falafel- with chopped salad and tahini and hot sauce.


11 months ago Lily

It's hard to beat freshly fried falafel with freshly baked pita!


11 months ago Jen

Baba ganoush, for sure!


11 months ago Morgan Arritola

Oh man I cook out of Plenty and Jerusalem nightly! Anything with eggplant


11 months ago GDK

Oops, posted from the wrong account a moment ago. MY wife's chummus, made by Yotam Ottolenghi & Sami Tamimi's Basic Hummus recipe. And shakshuka!


11 months ago Peri

My wife's chummus, which is now made according to Yotam Ottolenghi & Sami Tamimi's Basic Hummus recipe. And shakshuka with organic tomatoes and farm fresh eggs.


11 months ago ljhutchins

Saksuka. I can never get my eggs quite right but I love it.


11 months ago Nevy

My favourite Israeli recipe is a braised fish, chraime, with Israeli couscous. I had one variation using a tagine and the bold spicy flavours blew me away


11 months ago Panfusine

Balilah, Lost my heart to that recipe from 'Jerusalem'


11 months ago Peri

Israeli salad (finely diced cucumbers and tomatoes tossed with fresh garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, and a dash of salt and pepper - no onion). Perfectly made Baba Ganoush just like Yotam Ottolenghi makes it (my new all-time favorite).


11 months ago dietitian-nutritionist

Baby Spinach Salad with Dates and Almonds is delicious!


11 months ago healthierkitchen

I love making labneh and hummus. Have recently tried Mujadarah with bulgur instead of rice. I make a matbucha that has no peppers - lots of tomatoes and eggplants.


11 months ago mdonovan33

Nanna's Fatoush


11 months ago Bryan Narendorf

Hard to beat hummus. Shish tawook as well.


11 months ago sexyLAMBCHOPx

Tarato, Kebob, Shishlik, Isreali Salad, Hummus,Falafal and Matchau (spelling?) Love veggies for breakfast!


11 months ago Michael Alan Connelly

I love to eat a wide swatch of Israeli/Palestinian cuisine, but my absolute favorite recipe to make at home is shakshuka. I love how simple and straightforward it is to prepare, but the flavor is big and warm and wonderful. The definition of comfort food!


11 months ago iluvsweets

Hummus, eggplant, lamb, fatoush....and spice cookies from the Jerusalem cookbook.


11 months ago Savour

Pretty much everything I've tried from their Jerusalem cookbook! But Kibbeh and Shawarma and the Mutabaq top the list.


11 months ago 57jwt007

falafel definitely!


11 months ago JordanT



11 months ago Lauren Kodiak

Falafel! I dream about the green ones from Taïm.


11 months ago CondimentQueen

I could eat hummus every day!


11 months ago smarshtastic

Sukshukah! Definitely. Though give me a good hummus too...


11 months ago karah

I absolutely LOVE labneh, and can't go past tahini and mutabbal


11 months ago pandapotamus



11 months ago BakerK

shashuka or falafel top the list!


11 months ago Madeline

mmm falafel and tahini


11 months ago meagan.lane

oh man,ANYTHING from Jerusalem, but I really do love hummus more than pretty much anything!


11 months ago Tierney

I love real Falafel


11 months ago Natasha

A plate of mezze including falafel, hummus, tahini, picked vegetables, pita, israeli salad, etc.


11 months ago Hoppocrates



11 months ago yhartstein

Israeli salad and Yotam and Sami's incredible Hummus from the Jerusalem cookbook.


11 months ago mdonovan33

Definitely the Shakshuka!


11 months ago em-i-lis

Emily is a trusted source on General Cooking.

oh my goodness, where do i start?!?! i could eat hummus, pita and stuffed grape leaves every day. good baba g too! rice with barberies is amazing! mujaddara! falafel with tahini sauce! anything with pomegranate molasses. muhammara! shish taouk! well, that's lebanese!!! hmm.


11 months ago petitegourmande

My favorite is the creamed fresh corn "polenta"! :)


11 months ago k.woody

There's a local Middle Eastern vendor at the farmer's market in San Francisco called Affi's...they have an Aubergine spread made from mesquite grilled eggplant and LOTS of garlic. I asked the guy there if they burned the eggplant on the grill and he responded, "OH WE BURN THE S*** OUT OF THE EGGPLANT!" No wonder it's so good :)


11 months ago grace

Hummus for sure


11 months ago Willamette

Babganoush made with eggplant charred over an open flame. I love it, but it's time to expand my horizons!


11 months ago Ann Goldman

The lamb meatballs and barberries recipe in "Jerusalem" and if I can have a 2nd runner up- the chocolate babka, same book.


11 months ago Sarah D

My favorite is lamb shawarma!


11 months ago allie

Chopped salad - fattoush -- lots of lemon, parsley.


11 months ago omgyummy

For Israeli, the kofta b'siniyah from Jersualem cookbook is really yummy and for Palestinian, I love the flavors and presentation of the Maqluba.


11 months ago eakesin

Hummus from Jerusalem, burnt eggplant with tahini, borekas


11 months ago Allison Klein

Shakshukah and Babaganoush!


11 months ago Joanne

Malawah and Sukshukah (mmmmmmmmmm)


11 months ago creamtea

mahlabi. No, sachlav. no wait. Mahlabi. sachlav. I can't decide.


11 months ago seemaaga



11 months ago Erin

My favorite Israeli recipe is definitely Shakshuka with Fennel and Feta!


11 months ago arleneivana



11 months ago pwthor

My favorite recipe is definitely Mejadra from the Jerusalem cookbook. I make it at least twice a month!


11 months ago aliciacannell

Shakshuka with Fennel and Feta!


11 months ago Chris

I love grilled fish or chicken spiced with za'atar...potatoes, too...anything with za'atar will do!


11 months ago Luke Murden, Cooking Coach

My favorite is a breakfast/lunch dish called Shakshouka. Soooo comforting.


11 months ago Dana DeRuyck

Shakshuka -- how often is a food both amazingly delicious to eat and amazingly fun to say?


11 months ago latkelet

Baba ghanoush!


11 months ago adrienne

Fattoush and baba ganoush for sure.


11 months ago MichelleKBowman

Shakshuka or hummus


11 months ago SBG

Israeli salad! & halvah.


11 months ago Patrick Hieger

Shakshuka, natch, is amazing. I'm also kind of a Fattoush addict and anything with sumac.


11 months ago amysarah

Last summer, my daughter went to Israel and came home raving about the food (amongst other things), especially the labneh and the salad she ate daily. She brought me a big jar of za'atar, and I found a delicious version of Israeli salad with nuts and feta on David Lebovitz's blog - I'm now addicted to all three. Would so love a copy of this cookbook!


11 months ago Samantha Angela

Hummus or shakshuka


11 months ago albinosquirrel

baba ganoush tart tangy awesomness


11 months ago MichelleMags

Love freshly made hummus!


11 months ago creamcheese

We have been making the barley risotto with marinated feta from Jerusalem a ton this year. It is amazing.


11 months ago erinrae



11 months ago saluki

Manaeesh with a side of Labneh and some olives and radishes


11 months ago Jacqueline

Quite simply, a luscious, creamy hummus always makes me happy.


11 months ago lazychef

Oh my gosh, so many favorite foods. Craving fatteh right now. And for dessert, kunafeh (with Nabulsi cheese)!


11 months ago marjory

Sabih - the best of everything.


11 months ago blackberry

Falafel! Although, having just watched Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown episode on Isreal, West Bank, and Gaza (which Ottolenghi was incidentally featured in!) I'd give anything to try that fire-roasted baby watermelon dish. Looking forward to exploring Yotam and Sami's dishes - they sound sublime!


11 months ago cupcakemuffin

I'm a huge bana ganoush fan!


11 months ago aargersi

Abbie is a trusted source on General Cooking.

Anything really in Plenty (I second the caramelized fennel!) and my Aunt Shosh's pineapple noodle kugel.


11 months ago Chef Neen

I love all of their delicious dips and roasted cheese dishes. I must say I absolutely love Ottolenghi's recipe for fresh polenta with eggplant ragu.....one of my weekly favorites!!! I can't wait to try more of his mouthwatering recipes.


11 months ago gabsimonelouise

Baba ganoush...or anything with burnt eggplant!


11 months ago LLStone

Love hummus and falafel.


11 months ago jbuechner

Stuffed grape leaves and really creamy hummus!


11 months ago jakrasil

Falafel is hard to beat!


11 months ago GingerToastedSesame

I love anything featuring roasted eggplants. That smoky flavor is so delicious!


11 months ago Anastassia

I LOVE Ottolenghi & Tamimi !! One favorite recipe? Too many to narrow it down. But top three would be the caramelized fennel with fennel seeds, course salt & pepper,dill and lemon, the potato tart with oven roasted tomatoes and sweet onions and the bulgar pilaf with peppers, onions and currets from the plenty book! <3


11 months ago Palmira

Hummus just great and any dish with pomagranate tastes like Israel!


11 months ago HalfPint

HalfPint is a trusted home cook.

Love shakshouka


11 months ago magproctor



11 months ago riv

There is nothing like good fresh hummus! Drizzled with techina, with warm, fresh from the oven pita, nothing else is needed... And the recipe is "Jerusalem" is a keeper :)


11 months ago Camille17

Favorite Israeli recipe has to be one for a great batch of hummus