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The Thanksgivukkah Double Down: Food52 vs. Serious Eats Face-Off

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With your help, we're battling Serious Eats for the ultimate Thanksgivukkah recipe. See what both sides dreamed up below, and tell us which one you'd rather eat on this once-in-70,000-years, doubled down holiday.

Bacon Turkey with Gravy form Food52  Truly Scrumptious Apple Pie from Food52  Panko Latkes from Food52

Maple Meringue Donuts from Food52  Pear, Brandy and Cranberry Sauce from Food52  Ciabatta Stuffing from Food52

Challah from Food52  Persimmon Latkes from Food52  Pumpkin Pie from Food52

A few weeks ago, to celebrate the once-in-a-lifetime superholiday known as Thanksgivukkah, we challenged Serious Eats to a friendly competition (we've done this before): whose community could dream up the finest Hanukkah/Thanksgiving mash-up recipe?

Brilliant and -- we must say -- rather gluttonous comments flew, and at the end of the week, we read through all of your ideas. Then we got really hungry. Then we crammed as many of them as we could into one delicious sandwich. 

We present to you: The Thanksgivukkah Double Down 

Thanksgivukkah Double Down from Food52

(If you can construct a sandwich on two pieces of fried chicken, or foie gras, or ramen, you can definitely do the same with latkes. Trust us.)

To be more specific, the Thanksgivukkah Double Down is a classic leftover turkey sandwich on turkey schmaltz-fried sweet potato latkes. Also on the sandwich: cranberry applesauce and shaved brussels sprouts, dressed in warm schmaltz-cider vinegar dressing. With a side of gravy, for dunking. Or, as Food52er Rachel Goldberger Teichman wisely framed it: "Gluten-Free Turkey Sandwich".

And from the Serious Eats corner:
Latke-Crusted Turkey Stuffing Fritter with Liquid Cranberry Core and Turkey Schmaltz Gravy

Latke-Crusted Turkey Stuffing Fritter with Liquid Cranberry Core

Chief Creative Officer J. Kenji López-Alt explained, "We wanted to combine the quintessential flavors of Thanksgiving -- stuffing, turkey, and cranberry sauce -- with the essence of Hanukkah -- latkes and deep fried things. They come out of the fryer ultra-crisp with a light, puffy stuffing layer and a soft, near-liquid cranberry center that bursts in your mouth when you bite into it."

Valiant things to celebrate, we say, and we'll take 6 orders please.

Clearly we're all winners here, but tell us: which would you rather eat on Thanksgivukkah?

Double Down photo by James Ransom. Fritter photo by J. Kenji López-Alt.

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Comments (18)


almost 2 years ago Ahuva

Double-down sandwich.


almost 2 years ago Emma Wartzman



almost 2 years ago jwlucas

Sorry but I've got to go with Serious Eats. That dish sounds irresistible.


almost 2 years ago Aimee Siegler

Serious Eats wins because they provided a recipe for each item.


almost 2 years ago jamcook

Or you could serve with disposable surgical gloves and a pile of wet wipes and napkins!


almost 2 years ago Chloé White

How do I make the turkey schmaltz-fried sweet potato latkes? Sounds AMAZING


almost 2 years ago Jenn2323

Um...that well-constructed pile of love is everything a starving ballerina could dream of in one sitting! Hot, crispy potato, moist turkey, smart green slaw, tart cranberry-apple compote... Food52 has serious beat !!!


almost 2 years ago Rachel Goldberger Teichman

Thanks for the mention! And those fritters look fabulous too!


almost 2 years ago walkie74

Sorry guys, but Serious Eats just blew you out of the water with those fritters...


almost 2 years ago ZombieCupcake

I'll be ordering the double down, completely won me over with sweet potato latkes.


almost 2 years ago Loves Food Loves to Eat

I originally thought DOUBLE DOWN! But after giving it more thought, I feel that anything in sandwich form is a winner... so why can't we just throw a few of the fritters inside that double down!? We'll all be better off for it.


almost 2 years ago ATG117

Going with the fritter for creativity and practicality, though I'm a bit skeptical the taste would live upto the idea.


almost 2 years ago smonfor

That stuffing fritter looks and sounds fabulous - though more time intensive than the double down - still goes in my wish list of recipes though!


almost 2 years ago HalfPint

HalfPint is a trusted home cook.

Looking forward to the smackdown!


almost 2 years ago ortolan

Definitely the double down, HANDS down!


almost 2 years ago Felicia M

Ditto with desert dryad above. The Sammie seemed really heavy while I could easily snack on the fritters throughout the day


almost 2 years ago Desert Dryad

Food52's sammie is awesome in presentation, but it sounds pretty greasy, and I can't imagine eating it with my bare hands. Those little fritters look much more manageable and as a bonus, they're vegetarian (or maybe I just can't see the turkey in the picture?). Recipes, please!


almost 2 years ago Kenzi Wilbur

Kenzi is the Managing Editor of Food52.

I ate it with my bare hands! And it was good.