Rosé Mango Mimosa

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Author Notes: Brunch at Somie's house. Day after Thanksgiving, everyone woke up late, so Glazed Ham and Somie's Pumpkin casserole were served with this impromptu Brunch Punch. Delightful, light, fruity, a fresh Summer Breeze in the midst of Autumn, but a wonderful compliment to the Ham and Pumpkin.seetracycook

Serves 1

  • 4 ounces Margaret River Beach Head Rosé, chilled
  • 4 ounces Orange-Mango Juice Blend
  • Fresh Strawberries, Mango, or Oranges
  1. Fill a wine glass halfway with the Rosé. Any fruity, but not-sweet rosé will do, if Beach Head is not available.
  2. Fill the glass the rest of the way with the Orange-Mango juice (the fresher the juice, the better).
  3. Serve with a sliced Strawberry on the rim, Mango cubes on picks, or a twist of Orange.
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