Perfect Vegan Pie Crust

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Author Notes: Think a perfectly flaky pie crust is impossible without butter? Think again. This pie crust is totally authentic and yet totally dairy free -- all thanks to the magic of coconut oil.Gena Hamshaw

Makes a double crust for smaller pie pans or a single crust with lattice topping for deep-dish pie pans

  • 2 1/4 cups all purpose flour
  • 1/2 cup (more as necessary) coconut oil, cool enough to be solid
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 tablespoon cane or demerara sugar
  • 1/3 - 1/2 cup ice water
  1. I like to use a food processor for my pie crusts, which would make some crust connoisseurs cringe, but is fast and easy. Start by placing the flour, salt, and sugar in the bowl of a food processor fitted with the S blade. Pulse to combine. Add your solid coconut oil and pulse until mixture is crumbly and will stick together when you squeeze it. Pulse in 1/3 cup water, or until the dough holds together well when you make a handful of it and is visibly starting to come together in the food processor. It’s fine to have a lot of crumbs still--that’ll make a good, flaky crust--but it should be easy to shape into a large ball, too. If necessary, add a little more water until the texture is right. Alternately, you can cut the oil into very small pieces and work them into the flour with bare, dry hands. Add the water and knead the whole mixture together until it has the texture described a moment ago.
  2. Turn dough onto a clean, dry surface that has been dusted with flour. If you’re not ready to use the crust, shape it into a flat ball, wrap with saran, place in a freezer bag, and freeze. If you are ready to use it but not this very second, you can store it in the fridge till it’s time to bake.
  3. When you are ready to use the crust, make sure it’s soft enough to roll, and use a rolling pin to roll the dough into a large circle--enough that you can imagine easily covering your pie pan--using extra flour to keep things from sticking as you go. Gingerly lift it onto your pie crust (little tears are fine, and you can fix them later). Squeeze the edges to make a pretty, puckered pattern. Refrigerate crust till you have the filling made and are ready to bake it.

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3 months ago Amanda Rae Hepner

How long do you suggest this bakes for, and at what temp?


3 months ago Erin Jeeter

For savory pie just omit sugar?


5 months ago Drew Fick

Look good


5 months ago Jennifer Hart

Could I use Walnut Oil instead of Coconut Oil? Or is the consistency of Coconut oil very important? The reason I ask, is that one of my sons despises everything coconut.


5 months ago Trees

You have to use a fat/oil that is solid at room temperature. Vegetable shortening also works and has a neutral flavor.


7 months ago kellie

This pie crust is delicious AND very easy to make! Thank you for sharing. Also I do not have a large enough food processor so I used an old-school pastry blender and it worked great!


10 months ago Heather Elaine Whiteley

What temperature and what length of time for baking?


10 months ago Jessica Oliver Chastek

Wow! just used this crust to make strawberry rhubarb hand pies. Amazing!


11 months ago minag

Can I use double this recipe in order to make a double crust fruit pie (i.e. cherry, blackberry, blueberry)?


11 months ago Whitney House

Thank you for this recipe! It was beautiful!
I linked to this recipe from my blog, vinthea.
Thanks again!


11 months ago Lj Burns

Two Moms Catering

I'm dconfussed on your recipe as it says 1/3 c water and then it says
1/2c ??? Of what?
Add between 1/3 c. and 1/2 c. of water. Saying the amount of water needed may vary.


about 1 year ago Two Moms Catering

I'm dconfussed on your recipe as it says 1/3 c water and then it says
1/2c ??? Of what?


about 1 year ago Seda Kansu

Can i use olive oil ?


about 1 year ago Seda Kansu

can i use olive oil ???


about 1 year ago Rooted Vegan

Just thought you might want to know that we linked to you today. http://rooted-vegan.blogspot...


about 1 year ago Toxin Dioxin

Am I suppose to prebale the pie crust for the pumpkin pie? The photos make me think so but instructions don't mention it. Please advise.


over 1 year ago Cathy Lane

Thanks for the recipe.... Perfect!


over 1 year ago AntoniaJames

AntoniaJames is a trusted source on Bread/Baking.

Excellent recipe! I used this for two pies yesterday, including the traditional pecan pie I've been baking for my husband for over thirty years. He raved about it! It's such a great tasting crust -- the coconut flavor is mild but present -- and it handled well, too! I froze the two disks about a week ago and defrosted overnight in the fridge. Then I rolled them out, put them in the pans and froze until about an hour before filling and baking. The pecan pie in a pyrex dish, which you cook at 450 for 10 minutes to start, turned out perfectly. I made a judgment error on the other one -- the vegan pumpkin pie recipe -- by baking it in an earthenware pie plate, which did not allow for proper cooking of the crust on the bottom. Nonetheless, I still plan to use this recipe again! ;o)


about 1 month ago Barbora Natha Litvová

hi antonia! i'm going to make vegan pumpkin pie. i've never made it before, neither the crust! do you have some tips that will help me to not fail??? :)) thank you!


over 1 year ago Windischgirl

You can make a nice gluten-free crust with almond meal substituting for the flour. The nut flavors can be a lovely counterpoint to the filling.
Just hope your friend isn't nut-allergic...


over 1 year ago zenith5

Now I need it gluten-free as well for that ONE friend. . . .