Golden Plum Kir Royale "Bowle," a fruity summer wine drink

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Author Notes: This is a variation with my fruit and wine drinks which in German are called "Bowles." Ripe, soft fruit is needed for this. Mirabella plums would be ideal. I am using a local golden cherry plum. Japanese shira plums would also work. The cherry plums in my photo are not ripe enough yet for this drink, but they do ripen quickly. And before they start rotting, this is a great use for them. Any sweet plum that has yellow flesh would also work. Some of the photos show the first stage of this drink. Others illustrate various amounts of creme de cassis. There is a really lovely looking kind on the A&M blog. Both for color and taste contrasts, I really like the sweet purple cassis with the lingering tartness still left even in the sweetest yellow plum. I am amazed at the hues you can create with this combination. Maybe I should have trained for a career in drinks, I am beginning to think. Crushed ice is an option: I have illustrated an example with and without. Cheers, prost!Sagegreen

Serves 4

  • 2 cups ripe sweet preferably yellow plums, depitted and cut into 16ths
  • 1/2-3/4 cup organic cane sugar, depending upon your taste and the tartness of the plums
  • 750 ml bottle of dry white wine, a riesling or riesling sylvaner
  • creme de cassis (anywhere from 1 tbl. to 1 oz per drink)
  • sprigs of lavender or other herb like mint for garnish
  • crushed ice, if desired
  1. After cutting your plums into sixteenths, pour the sugar on top of the plums in a large wide mouthed pitcher or bowl. Let this sit for about half an hour.The plums need to be soft and ripe for this. Use sugar to taste, but you need the sugar to make this work.
  2. Next pour in all the wine.
  3. Cover and chill overnight so the fruits absorb the alcohol.
  4. The next evening ladle the chilled drink over crushed ice, if you like, into wide brimmed wine glasses. Make sure each drink has some fruit.
  5. Add the desired amount of creme de cassis to each drink. One tablespoon will turn your drink a lovely pale plum color. An ounce will transform it to a lurid purple. Click through the photos to see the range.
  6. Garnish each drink with a fresh herb; I recommend lavender. Spearmint is also nice.
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over 3 years ago healthierkitchen

Looking forward to summer for these!


over 3 years ago Sagegreen

Thanks, hl. I'd forgotten all about these! I will be so happy just to have spring!


almost 4 years ago Lizthechef

I'm smiling - do you ever grow tired of filing terrific recipes here? And you are so incredibly upbeat and cheerful. Thumbs up, but I might as well as closed my eyes and pointed...Hoping to see you profiled on the site soon, anything to stall you for a bit to let us all catch up ;)


almost 4 years ago Sagegreen

Thanks, but I have a long way to go to catch up to you guys! I am steering my professional life a bit towards food history. And things are getting busy at work, but I hope to stay active here, too!