Cardamom Chai Tea

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Author Notes: I am a tea lover, and I met a co-worker from Pakistan, who used Cardamom as a spice. He gave me some, and I put it in my tea, added milk, and honey, and felt the calming effect on my mind. This drink became my energizer in the morning, when I wanted to get through the day calmly, and it smells sweet. I later tried store brought Chai tea, but this is a more authentic, and exotic version of Chai. You could take this recipe anywhere, which makes it especially good for a fast pace lifestyle. Enjoy! Judea I. LawtonJudea I. Lawton

Serves anyone

  • 3 cardamoms, Tea, Milk, and Honey.
  1. Steep one tea bag in one cup of hot water. Open Cardamom seeds, and place in tea, Add milk, and honey to taste. Stir and Enjoy.

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