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How to Clean, Prep, and Grill Fish + Shellfish

By • August 28, 2013 • 16 Comments

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Inspired by conversations on the Food52 Hotline, we're sharing tips and tricks that make navigating all of our kitchens easier and more fun.

Today: We're rounding up all the how-tos needed to get your fill of seafood, while the summer lasts.

Shellfish from Food52

There's something about eating seafood in the summer that feels so...right. Sure, we can eat it in the winter, hunkered over our bowls, a scarf tied around our neck -- but fresh-caught fish and shellfish beg to be eaten in a bathing suit, with the wind blowing in our faces, the sun blazing a red-gold sunset. While the summer days dwindle, we're arming you with the techniques to eat seafood every day, every night, until those scarves come out again. 

• First, clean your shellfish properly.

• While you're at it, peel and devein your shrimp. (Don't buy them like that -- you can do it yourself!)

Cleaning shellfish Deveining shrimp from Food52

Shuck some oysters, and slurp one down as you..

• ...prep your wood plank, or simply grill up a whole fish.

Wood plank from Food52 How to grill a whole fish from Food52

Cook your lobster -- without fear!

• Finally, sit down, crack those lobsters open, and dig in.


How to Cook a Lobster from Food52


How are you eating seafood this summer? Let us know in the comments!

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