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How to Make Perfect Scrambled Eggs

By • October 16, 2013 • 76 Comments

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Today: Three ways to get your perfect scrambled eggs -- whatever your version of perfection may be.

Scrambled eggs from Food52

Scrambled eggs and toast: sounds like an ascetic breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Sounds plain. Sounds boring. Sounds like something you'd eat in a dark kitchen, alone, standing up, quickly and efficiently with a tiny frown. And, if you're one of those people that's suffered from rubbery-egg, burnt-egg, or dry-and-crumbly-egg syndrome, it sounds simply unappealing.

But scrambled eggs, when done right, can one of the most glorious, indulgent, and straight-up sexy meals of all time. You could make them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, each in a different pan, each with a different technique -- and all would be, in their own creamy, runny, fluffy way, perfect.

Grab some eggs, some butter, and your favorite pan. Let's make scrambled eggs and toast something worth eating, all week long.

The Low and Slow Method

Scrambled eggs from Food52 Scrambled eggs from Food52

Yields: Creamy, rich, custard-y eggs with tiny curds.

How to do it: Break your eggs into a bowl, and whisk with 2 tablespoons of cream (or more!). Heat your non-stick or ceramic pan over low heat; melt a tablespoon of butter. Pour your eggs into the pan, and stir constantly with a wooden spoon. You want the eggs to cook slowly, so if they start sticking, turn your heat even lower. Stir, stir, stir, until the eggs look like pudding and your curds are all tiny and it looks like scrambled-egg soup in the best possible way. Take off the heat just before they look done. Season with salt.

Note: These can also be made with a saucepan and a whisk, à la Jean-Georges Vongerichten

Why we love it: Few things feel as luxurious as these rich, silky eggs; eating them out of a bowl with a spoon, wearing pajamas and fluffy socks, is one of life's greatest pleasures. If you're feeling even more indulgent, use crème fraîche -- or top the whole thing with caviar. 

The Rogue Method (à la Saltie in Brooklyn)

Scrambled eggs from Food52 scrambled eggs from Food52

Yields: Perfectly-cooked whites and runny yolks -- all scrambled together.

How to do it: Get an enamel or nonstick pan on the stove. Put in around a tablespoon of butter, and let it melt over medium-low heat. Crack an egg into a bowl -- leaving it whole! -- and slide it into your pan. Repeat with as many eggs as you'd like. Once your eggs are in there, carefully scramble the whites until they are cooked -- leaving your yolks intact. Once the whites are cooked, take the pan off the heat, crack the yolks, and mix it all together in the pan. Season with salt and pepper.

Why we love it: With this method, you get the best of the scrambled-egg and fried-egg worlds: fluffy, perfectly-cooked whites, and rich, runny yolks. Serve it with toast to scoop up any leftover yolk.

The Classic Method

Scrambled eggs from Food52 Scrambled eggs from Food52

Yields: Soft, fluffy eggs with big curds.

How to do it: Crack your eggs into a bowl, and whisk. Season with salt and pepper. Melt 2 tablespoons of butter on medium heat. Pour your eggs in, and let them stand for a few seconds. Then, start nudging: nudge your eggs towards the center, wait a few seconds, then nudge again. Do this until you have big, fluffy curds in the center of your pan. Take the eggs off the heat when the curds are set but still a little runny; they'll continue to cook on the way from the pan to your plate.

Why we love it: These are your no-fuss scrambled eggs: the ones you could make every morning for breakfast and live a very happy life. We make these when we don't have twenty minutes to spend stirring over the stove.

How do you make your scrambled eggs? Let us know in the comments! 

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Comments (76)


about 8 hours ago Tammi

Interesting concept. But I use water, high heat, non-stick pan and the perfect pinch of pepper and salt. My eggs have never dissapointed.


2 days ago Alexis Elizabeth Drob

None of these look like scrambled eggs to me and far from anything i would ingest!!


1 day ago Al

Hi Alexis Elizabeth, what a neat name. The way I fix my scrambled eggs is probably the same way you do. I went to a Chinese restaurant and seen these eggs with popcorn shrimp and diced scallions so I ode red it and was I ever surprised, absolutely great and what taste. Now I fix them for myself when I want a treat. I'll take 3 eggs crackup in the pan and start them like I would over easies, but then as they get to almost that point, I drop the scallions in along with the precooked shrimp and stir around. No milk, no nothing just the eggs, shrimp and scallions. Eat'um with chop sticks and you'll really get a great flavor and taste. I'm with you I don't need to mess around an complicate scrambled eggs.


1 day ago Al

BTW, I'm an old guy and I wouldn't steer you wrong.


4 days ago Mark D

Completely one sided opinion..3 or 4 eggs and 2 or 3 table spoons of WATER only.Milk products will toughiin the finished dish.Wisk eggs until foaming. Spray hot Med High pan lay in eggs and FOLD eggs with a silicon spatula. Remove when still soft just past runny.NO BROWNING...Eggs will continue cooking in its own steam....Trust me This is how it's done....soft and delicate


13 days ago Neal

Just a pinch of baking powder will make them more fluffy. of course a slice of diet cheese makes them melt in your mouth delicious.


14 days ago Maggie

If you use the "Low and Slow" method, even better than a wooden spoon is using a rubber spatula to stir the eggs; that way you don't have little drier bits left which the spoon couldn't reach.


15 days ago Emily Di Febo Sheffer

We add mayo! Mmmmm. No need for salt!


15 days ago cjbollinger

when do you add it?


15 days ago Mary Baran

I'm going to give that one a shot!! No cream cheese, just mayo, right?


17 days ago Mary Baran

I add a bit of cream cheese to the egg & milk mixture, then stir, stir, stif! They come out so soft and mellow. Season how you like; I use garlic salt and pepper


18 days ago Al

How about 3 eggs scrambled, with some pop corn shrimp added along with a tad bit of cheese and scallions diced. Trust me it's hummers.


18 days ago Al

That's supposed to be Yummers.


19 days ago Melanie

I add a couple of slices of cheese when the eggs are still runny. The cheese melts slowly as the eggs cook. Makes a light, fluffy and tasty dish! My family loves them!


19 days ago marty

I was taught to use water instead of milk as it makes it very fluffy. I like mine not runny at all.


4 days ago Mark D

Exactly my point...You hit the nail on the head....I've been telling people that for years...even when I was a breakfast cook years ago I was the only one to use that method when I made guests their scrambled eggs...the waitress staff always gave good comments that customers thought the eggs were wonderful


25 days ago Patricia Calcagno

James, you are not crazy at all. The super high heat, super fast, swirling technique is what Julia Child taught on one of her classic 1960's TV programs.


28 days ago Mo

I use both the first with cream and the classic,never heard of the second one might try it.I add cheese to mine too sometimes which is nice.


about 1 month ago Jeanne

I like to use the classic method. It makes huge, soft curds of eggs that are well cooked & not runny. BTW-The pan looks a lot like one I bought at Bed, Bath & Beyond. It is a ceramic coated non-stick by Aeternum & is a dream to use! Just remember not to use cooking sprays in it & always use wood or plastic utensils only. Also, don't plunge into washing water while hot; let it cool down first or the ceramic will crack! I think I paid about $25-$30 for an 8" pan. Prices go up according to size.


about 1 month ago Jewels Vern

A nice recipe from Russia:


3 months ago Katherine Guzman

Can you please tell me what that GORGEOUS pan is?????


3 months ago Annie

I like to do something between low-and-slow and the classic variation! perfectly scrambled eggs..


4 months ago DragonFly

Oh I'm trying this I just bought some organic fresh nutmeg, thanks for sharing!


4 months ago Irenehope

Why must it always be salt and pepper? My soft scrambled eggs always get salt and nutmeg.


4 months ago DragonFly

The creamy custard eggs are so good, I add a little grated old cheddar, just a little and some nice fresh chives!


5 months ago benj

thanks james. i'll do that. anybody, please enlighten me as to the difference between a marmalade and a jam. Recipes, anyone?


4 days ago Mark D

Jam is just the whole berry where as marmalade is made with small bits of citris peel