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Four & Twenty Blackbirds' Black Bottom Oatmeal Pie

By • November 12, 2013 • 81 Comments

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For #PieWeek, our guest editors are Emily and Melissa Elsen, the pie mavens behind Four & Twenty Blackbirds in Brooklyn, NY. They will be sharing recipes all week from their first cookbook, and giving away a copy each day!

Today: Oatmeal makes its way into the holiday pie rotation.

Black Bottom Oatmeal Pie on Food52

This pie has slowly but surely become a sort of cult favorite in our pie shop. We loved it from the start for its oatmeal chocolate chip cookie quality; it’s like a pie version of that classic recipe. In the olden days, this pie (minus the chocolate) was dubbed “poor man’s pecan pie” because oats are far less expensive than pecans. We up the ante by adding a decadent layer of dark chocolate ganache on the bottom.

Black Bottom Oatmeal Pie

Serves 8 to 10 people

1 1/2 cups rolled oats
1/4 cup heavy cream
4 ounces bittersweet chocolate (we use 70%), chopped into 1/4-inch pieces
3/4 cup packed light brown sugar
1/4 teaspoon ground ginger
1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
5 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted
1 cup dark corn syrup
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 teaspoons cider vinegar
4 large eggs

See the full recipe (and save and print it) here.

Photo by Gentl & Hyers

To win a copy of The Four & Twenty Blackbirds Pie Book, tell us in the comments: What cookie would you like to see in pie form? We'll pick winners at random at the end of the week! (Unfortunately, we can only ship domestically.)

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Comments (81)


11 months ago Cassie Puckett

white chocolate macadamia nut cookie pie!


11 months ago handy21682



11 months ago BglLvr

7 layer bars in pie form! Oh, my teeth hurt just thinking about it....(sigh!)


11 months ago robywilliam

I love the delicious combination of oatmeal pie with looks yummy and crispy so i would decide to make it for my kids during vacations. I hope they like it and appreciate my unique baking.


11 months ago Christine L.

Raspberry linzer cookie pie would be absolute heaven for me!


11 months ago Bex Kramer

A good peanut butter cookie turned into pie. Not the creamy peanut butter pie


11 months ago SEASPRAY

I would like to see shortbread cookies in pie form


11 months ago Lydia

ginger snaps would make a fun pie flavor!


11 months ago KMicken

We make molasses cookies and then dip half of each cookie in white chocolate. A pit version of that would be awesome!


11 months ago Barbara Pepelko

Cranberry/apple is really good!


11 months ago Andshewas

Girls Scout Cookies' Samoa. Chocolate, caramel, toasted coconut.


11 months ago Patty Rodgers

My kids favorite cookie is a Snickerdoodle and they love a Snickerdoodle Pie would be awesome and I think fairly simple :)!


11 months ago Renee B

Butterscotch cookie pie calls to me.


11 months ago Angela

how about a christmas sugar cookie...pie? with sprinkles?


11 months ago D Hearn

A malomar (s'mores) pie would be amazing.


11 months ago PDS1

Lubkuchen - the wonderful german spice cookie


11 months ago arcane54

Almond Joy! shortbread crust the slightest coating of excellent dark chocolate, creamy coconut filling. That's all I would need to be joyous!


11 months ago cookinginvictoria

Blonde brownies with butterscotch chips, bittersweet chocolate chips, and salted peanuts!


11 months ago HopeD

Amaretti di Saronno!


11 months ago sarabclever

Oh, I love the idea of an oatmeal cookie pie. So since that's already about millionaire's shortbread?


11 months ago Lara

Absolutely a spicy, chewy, molasses-ginger cookie!


11 months ago Celeste

White Chocolate Macadamia would make a great pie! Congrats again, girls on this amazing book!


11 months ago Evan

Brown Butter Cookie with Cider Caramel Filling


11 months ago Tenaya

Not sure how this could even happen, but the flavor and texture of the compost cookie from momofuku milk bar. Salty/sweet/crunchy/chocolatey goodness :)


11 months ago Christi Savage

A blonde brownie pie with toffee and Carmael crunch topping.


11 months ago Amanda rowley

I would like to see a raspberry oat bar in pie form...or a nutter butter pie. How about a sandwich as a pie? Apple Brie? Nutella banana? Peanut butter and jelly


11 months ago Mary Elliott Raynor

Congratulations on your success!


11 months ago Libby Dodd

I do not use corn syrup. Is there a substitute?


11 months ago Shannon R

How about a Seven-Layer Cookie Bar (aka Magic Bar) in pie form? Should be easy enough, and tasty!


11 months ago Rosa

rosemary butter cookie


11 months ago Bascula

A double stuff Oreo pie. Yum yum, yum.....


11 months ago loeserh

a triple ginger cookie!


11 months ago hemlockcreek

buttery tahini cookies


12 months ago Crystal Conway

Peanut butter cookie


12 months ago Meghan

Elvis pie. A bacon-ated crust, filled with peanut butter banana cream filling and a maple drizzle.


12 months ago Jamie Dunn

I was about to say snickerdoodle, then it hit me... Alfajor!


12 months ago andie

A cinnamon crunch Snickerdoodle pie.


12 months ago Ashley

I would love to eat a classic chocolate chip cookie as a pie. Yummmmmm!


12 months ago Heather

I would love to eat a samosa cookie in pie form!


12 months ago Patricia Copeland

A sable/butter cookie with raspberry filling.


12 months ago Elaine Union

I'd love to eat a thin mint cookie in pie form!


12 months ago E Garcia

chocolate fluff cookie in pie form, please!


12 months ago Eva Ziegler

No-Bake cookie pie sounds delightful...


12 months ago JosieD

Raspberry rugelach pie no doubt!!


12 months ago Daisy

M&M or Snickerdoodle cookies would be fun and delicious in pie form. Yum!


12 months ago molly yeh

OH and i wanna see a levain cookie in pie form!


12 months ago molly yeh

OMG. i made a copycat version of this one year for pi day. i remember standing in my kitchen in the middle of the night, digging into it with my hands. it was the best thing ever. i need this right now.


12 months ago mikomiao

marshmallow-cornflake (or pretzel)-chocolate chip cookie would be tasty as a pie!


12 months ago Mary Elliott Raynor

Pumpkin cookies!


12 months ago LeslieP252

Sugar cookies. It would be achingly sweet, but I love that flavor.


12 months ago Ida Yu

The sweet, simple snickerdoodle! It would be such a cozy pie - buttery and cinnamony!


12 months ago Betty Jo harris

I love a thimble butter cookie with homemade strawberry or may haw jelly in the middle. In a pie would be pure heaven!


12 months ago Emily

Pretty sure the texture of Russian Tea Cakes/Mexican Wedding Cakes would make for an amazing pie crust. They're so versatile as far as flavoring with almonds, walnuts, or lemon that you could do almost any custardy filling, and I'd probably call it heaven. (Just like I do all of your other pies!)


12 months ago cfelten

I'd have to go with a chewy ginger cookie, that uses not only ground ginger but candied ginger as well. I'm a bit of a ginger fiend.


12 months ago lorimer82

Oh man. I'm going to go with a chewy ginger cookie, because ginger everything is the best.


12 months ago Emma Wartzman

Oreo pie!!!!!!!!!!!


12 months ago Mike

The compost cookie from Momofuku!


12 months ago Amy Watson Bish

Chocolate Peppermint Shortbread


12 months ago Whitney

Peanut Butter cookie with Chocolate Kiss would be a tasty pie!


12 months ago Robert Wolf

Lemon bars!


12 months ago Lauren Huber

Yum!! I love chocolate chip oatmeal! I'd love to see mexican wedding cookies as a pie!


12 months ago mrslarkin

Mrs. Larkin is a trusted source on Baking.

Sarah Bernhardt Cookie in pie form would be my dream pie.


12 months ago AntoniaJames

AntoniaJames is a trusted source on Bread/Baking.

Our favorite cookie in a long time is a peanut butter-based oatmeal cookie with chocolate chips and walnuts, the recipe for which one can find on the bag of rolled oats sold by Trader Joe's. I'd transform it by making an toasted oatmeal press-in crust made with a handful of toasted walnuts, freshly grated nutmeg and vanilla, a chocolate ganache on the bottom similar to the pie featured here, a peanut butter and buttermilk chess filling, and toasty walnut pieces and chocolate shavings on top. ;o) P.S. Or, I might use toasted sunflower seeds in the crust instead of walnuts. The recipe calls for either sunflower seeds or walnuts in the cookies, but since I'm making the rules here, I'd use both!


12 months ago TerryMtz

Ooh a coconut macaroon pie (with chocolate ganache filling, because why not?)sounds like something that could work!


12 months ago Holly

Raspberry Almond Thumbprint Cookie, er, Pie... or maybe Tart?


12 months ago BDeMent

Cherry, chocolate chip and pistachio! Gingersnap is a great suggestion too!


12 months ago Jan Weber

Amaretti...maybe am apricot custard pie with an amaretti crust.


12 months ago Miss Frizzle

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip!


12 months ago hardlikearmour

hardlikearmour is a trusted home cook.

Molasses Ginger cookies.


12 months ago sharon

white chocolate macadamia nut


12 months ago inespujos

i want the slight burnt butter and lightness of Proust's Madeleine (for me, it's more like a cookie! than a cake!)


12 months ago Evan

Mexican Chocolate Chip Cookie.


12 months ago Nelson Polfliet

Red Velvet-Peppermint Swirl pie!


12 months ago freshnessgf

coconut chocolate pie


12 months ago Sal Cecere

White chocolate cranberry!!! (Ginger lemon and black and white, yum! Good ones!)


12 months ago Rachel Meeks

Girlscout samoa cookie pie :) !


12 months ago Anna

I'd love to see a macaroon-style piece - for those of us who eat gluten-free!


12 months ago slsnyc

Ginger w/ lemon cream sandwich cookie.


12 months ago Kimberley-Marie Blanchot

Alfajores! The traditional dulce de leche spanish confection! mmm


12 months ago Maddie

How about a black and white cookie pie?


12 months ago aargersi

Abbie is a trusted source on General Cooking.

Fig newton pie!!!