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8 Ways to Carb-Load While You Watch the Olympics

By • February 7, 2014 • 0 Comments

If there's one thing we know, it's that watching the Olympics works up an appetite. Not the kind of appetite that can be satiated with a cup of popcorn or pile of celery stalks, but the kind of appetite that calls for your extra-large-dinner-plates, for mounds of heaping, cheesy pasta and maple-syrup-dripping-pancakes. Think of it as a favor to the athletes: after years and years of training and working out, they'd be honored to know we're celebrating in the best way we possibly can: with the food of champions. 

Al Forno's Penne with Tomato, Cream & Five Cheeses by Genius Recipes


Savory Gruyere Stuffed French Toast by Margy@hidethecheese


Hand-Formed Parmesan Tater Tots by CamillaMMann


Edward Giobbi's Spaghetti alla Foriana by Genius Recipes


Baker's Sign Soft Pretzels by Nicholas


Meyer Lemon Focaccia by deesiebat 


Fruit-Laden, Whole-Grain Pancakes by Nicholas


Cheese Biscuits by Merrill Stubbs


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