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A question about a recipe: Sausage Puffs with Apple, Cheddar and Sage What is 'mild' Italian sausage ?

I have a question about the ingredient "mild Italian sausage" on the recipe "Sausage Puffs with Apple, Cheddar and Sage" from The Bon Appetit Diaries.

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georgeatplay added over 2 years ago

I'm not familiar with the recipe, but oftentimes Italian Sausage can be found in "Mild" and "Spicy" varieties ("Spicy" referring to the heat level, not the seasoning). If you're buying prepackaged sausage and the package doesn't say "Spicy," I think it's safe to assume it's mild.

Chefbaltz added over 2 years ago

mild is also sometimes referred to as "sweet."

The Bon Appetit Diaries added over 2 years ago

Thanks to the other two chef's who answered, they are both correct! There were 'mild' and 'hot' varieties at the store I shop at, so I just wanted to clarify that if given the choice you should go with the less spicy one. I think the mild/sweet sausage pairs a better with the apple and butter in the pastry!

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