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Best way to fry bacon ?


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CarlaCooks added over 2 years ago

The secret I learned from my Dad is to start bacon in a cold pan. That way you are able to place the bacon how you want, and it seems to keep the bacon longer (instead of shriveling quickly), which helps it to cook evenly. Once I've laid the bacon in a cold pan, I crank up the heat. I only turn the bacon once. Enjoy your bacon!

ChrisBird added over 2 years ago
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Bake it on a rack, don't fry it. Stays flat that way and crisps up as the fat renders out. 350f. Watch it carefully. You can cook a lot more at a time this way too.

Flavor Drizzles added over 2 years ago

The baking method also allows for the opportunity to add additional seasoning to bacon while cooking. One option would be a sprinkle of brown sugar and a pinch of chili powder.

Meatballs&Milkshakes added over 2 years ago

I find the lower the temperature at which I cook bacon, the more fat renders out. It makes it crispier, the way I like my bacon. I do it in the oven if I need the space on top of the stove for something else, and I think both ways work well. I don't mind if it's flat or not usually.

bigpan added over 2 years ago

I bake on a silpat and watch carefully. Have not used a frying pan for years. Go to a good butcher and get thick slices of double smoked with no preservatives (as you will have a ton of chemicals in packaged bacon).

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