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Too much pepper!

I misread a recipe and used 1 TABLESPOON of crushed black pepper instead of 1 TEASPOON in the brasing seasoning for lamb shanks and now all i taste is pepper. I know that potato will pull too much salt out of liquid. Is there an antidote for too much pepper?

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maw added over 2 years ago

Try adding a Lille lemon juice at a time. You will also have to add a little sugar to counteract the tartness of the lemon. Or cut a whole lemon in quarters and cook it with your food, still need a little sugar

ATG117 added over 2 years ago

If you provide the recipe, it might be easier for folks to make suggestions. Have you already cooked the lamb? What stage are you at? Is this a dry rub? I'm actually not sure I would go with lemon, but could use more details.

maw added over 2 years ago

Actually lemon juice works. Think of Indian food

Cannizzo added over 2 years ago

Thats good to know on the lemon juice thank you it makes sense maybe that is why Mexican food also uses a lot of acid red wine vinegar might work to if it's the acid that kills the heat

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