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What is a Swiss chard substitute?

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SKK added over 2 years ago

You could substitute collard greens. Also kale, and it takes longer to cook. Spinach if you are in a pinch but it is much lighter and doesn't have the heartiness of flavor.

Hilarybee added over 2 years ago

I agree with SKK. Collard greens would be my first choice, a non-curly kale like lacinato or dinosaur kale would be my second choice. Remove the stems. If I were subbing spinach, I might use defrosted frozen spinach so that it were softer. Long leaf spinach might be okay, too.


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added over 2 years ago

Yes, lacinato aka black kale and in Italy, cavolo nero would probably be the best substitute. Spinach, no.

ubs2007 added over 2 years ago

Ditto the other respondents! Swiss chard tends to be sweeter than kale and collard greens so I would go with a bunch of leafy spinach.

bigpan added over 2 years ago

Kale or beet greens.

rapearson added over 2 years ago

Beet greens would be my first choice since they are basically the same thing. And then after that I'd use kale or collards.

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