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Can I substitute ricotta cheese for marscapone in a ravioli recipe? And if I can is the substitution 1 to 1?

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Kauz added about 2 years ago

Yes. I mainly use marscapone in dessert
recipes that require a different texture and
taste i.e. Tiramiso. I use ricotta cheese in ravioli.

Kauz added about 2 years ago

Yes. Ricotta cheese is for ravioli and use marscapone for mainly desserts i.e. Tiramiso.

cranberry added about 2 years ago

If your recipe calls for mascarpone, then I'd think you could sub ricotta but perhaps give it a whirl in the blender first to make it smooth like mascarpone is. I'd also consider mixing in a bit of heavy cream.

foidivin added about 2 years ago

Yum! Ricotta goes well with Italian. We mix it in our spaghetti so I'm sure it'd be delicious in ravioli.

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