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Slaw for Pomegranate Pulled Pork?

I'm making pulled pork using a pomegranate molasses barbecue sauce. I'd like to serve it with some slaw, but I'm not sure what would work. Suggestions? Thanks. GO GIANTS!

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jmburns added about 2 years ago

Since the pomegranate molasses is a little tart I would go with a sweeter slaw. Mayo based dressing

kkeiser added about 2 years ago

Thinly shred 1/2 red cabbage. Mix in 1 bunch scallions, thinly sliced, and one jalapeƱo, seeds and ribs removed, minced. Mix 1/2 cup reduced fat sour cream with 4 tablespoons lime juice. Season with coarse salt and freshly ground pepper. Mix one half of the sour cream mixture with the cabbage, and season with more salt an pepper to taste. Drizzle remaining sour cream on top of pork.

I've made this as a slaw on many dishes, mainly fish tacos, pork tenderloin, and shredded chicken. It's fantastic and healthy!!

spuntino added about 2 years ago

Fennel slaw!!

Carrot/almond& apple slaw. All this takes is a little imagination and champagne vinaigrette. Since I don't know how many you're cooking for I can't accurately advise on amounts. But I think you get my drift

SallyBroff added about 2 years ago

Here is a tangy slaw meant for pulled pork. http://southernfood.about...

jocelyng added about 2 years ago

Thanks everyone! I made a mayonnaisey fennel slaw. Delicious.

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