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What are you making for valentine's day?

For those of us staying in and whipping something up, what's the something special?

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jmburns added about 2 years ago

My wife's favorite dish of mine is my veal stew. That some French bread, a little bottle of wine and some homemade vanilla ice cream for dessert.

cristinasciarra added about 2 years ago

I'm cooking for a Frenchman, so: mushroom velouté, cassoulet, and then a spiced chocolate ice cream (which I'll enter in the current contest!) I'm a little intimidated by the cassoulet; I'm starting it today!

angiegeyser added about 2 years ago

We celebrated last night while the kids were at grandma and grandpa's house. I made the gruyere and parmesan cheese souffle from epicurious with asparagus simmered with a couple lemon slices for a side.

JoannaZ added about 2 years ago

We don't necessarily do a special meal (maybe a nice steak dinner if we do), but dessert for the past few years has been a chocolate lava cake. It's one of my favorite things, and it's extra special since we only have it once a year.

Cookie16 added about 2 years ago

Julia Child's Boeuf Bourguignon. Dessert is to be decided :)

JessicaBakes added about 2 years ago

Ha! Me too!! I made a red wine chocolate cake that I'll be posting here shortly for the contest for dessert :)


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added about 2 years ago

Rib eye steak with green peppercorns and whiskey (FOOD52), mashed potatoes with ricotta and roasted garlic (variation on a recipe I posted to the mashed potatoes contest), caramelized onion pudding (FOOD52), Caesar salad with pancetta (runner up in the Caesar salad contest), and a chocolate dessert which I'll post on Wednesday! ;o)

Cookie16 added about 2 years ago

Impressive! :)

Tarragon added about 2 years ago

I'm making Oui Chef's lobster, fennel and chorizo paella, http://www.food52.com/recipes..., except that I'm using rock shrimp instead of lobster, and shrimp stock (from regular shrimp, but which I will simmer with her flavors) instead of the lobster stock. I've started a few of the steps and flavors are amazing! Something chocolate for desert - maybe the genius recipes chocolate mousse. Happy Valentines Day, everyone!

PistachioDoughnut added about 2 years ago

I am making either of the two veggies, Malai Kofta or Palak Paneer with Naan and Jeera rice with a side dish of curried brussel sprouts. For dessert I am making hidden hearts cupcakes. I am so excited to make hidden heart cupcakes!

Third Floor Kitchen added about 2 years ago

My all time favorite V-Day dinner was a few years ago when I made Wild Mushroom Risotto from an old issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine. Dessert-wise I served an espresso creme brûlée from Cook's Illustrated. I used homemade stock in the risotto and best quality espresso beans, cream, and eggs in the brûlée. Maybe the magic of the dinner was the guy I was seeing, maybe not, but it was one of those memorable meals that was delicious in flavor, ambience, and company.

No plans for Valentine's Day this year. Just a solitary meal with a dessert of my favorite brownie recipe from the Chicago Tribune Cookbook served with a scoop of coffee ice cream and episodes of Downton Abbey.

Ophelia added about 2 years ago

Heart shaped gluten-free pizza, with heart shaped salami and lots of goat cheese. And maybe gluten-free peanut butter cookies for dessert. If I'm feeling generous.


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added about 2 years ago

I decided at the last minute: Amanda's Sugar & Bourbon steak with a salad composed of roasted then smoked beets, arugula, Purple Haze goat cheese, and toasted walnuts. For dessert a chocolate negrita (based on a recipe from a cute little book called "50 Ways to Feed your Lover.") We'll also be drinking a fabulous sparkling rosé of Malbec called Reginato.

Marie Weber added 2 months ago

Old thread, but what are you making this year for your loves?

I am thinking that genius recipe celery soup for a starter, followed by sauteed greens with some nice pork chops. Possibly some roasted balsamic or burgundy mushrooms on the side.
Followed by something chocolate!

arcane54 added 2 months ago


cristinasciarra added 2 months ago

This year, it's The Food Lab's Creamy Chanterelle Mushroom Soup (http://www.seriouseats...); Julia Child's Boeuf Bourguignon; Joël Robuchon's Purée; dark chocolate ice cream; and meringues.

Looking at my response above, I guess the Frenchman's likes are pretty consistent!

Marie Weber added 2 months ago

Oh that mushroom soup sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing the link. :)

butter, sugar, flowers added 2 months ago

It's all about the cookies for me! Heart-shaped meringues, marzipan hearts dipped in chocolate, and these tasty cut-out cookies, cut into hearts: http://bit.ly/1jjswbp

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