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A question about a recipe: Chocolate Persimmon Muffins

I have a question about the ingredient "American persimmon pulp, or Hachiya pulp" on the recipe "Chocolate Persimmon Muffins" from thirschfeld. Is there any fruit puree you might suggest instead of persimmon? We are totally out of persimmons and have grown to LOVE this recipe.

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Midge added about 2 years ago

I'm crazy about this recipe too and recently subbed 2 cups of banana puree for the persimmons. They weren't as amazing as the original ones, but far superior to run-of-the-mill banana muffins.


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added about 2 years ago

I would use some fig, nectarine or plum jam. And I'd add a bit of crushed anise seed if using fig. And I'd reduce the sugar just a bit. ;o)

skittle added about 2 years ago

I've read applesauce can sub for persimmons. I don't know how accurate that is as I've never tried it though.

Hilarybee added about 2 years ago

I've subbed mango and it was an interesting result. Sweeter than the persimmon goods and a little moister, too.

Stephanie G added about 2 years ago

They all sound great...I think Im going to have to make multiple batches!

kaupilimakoa added about 2 years ago

pumpkin--I think persimmons have that spicy fall flavor....

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