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Best way to reheat steak leftovers

Have a steak from Ruth's Chris and want to reheat it without losing its flavor and tenderness.

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GIOVANNI50 added about 2 years ago

Put it in oven at 200-250 F for 15 minutes. No microwave. Add a dab of butter on top to liven it up a little.

pvanhagenlcsw added about 2 years ago

How does a steak sandwich sound? If not, I would bring it to room temperature, preheat your oven and put it on the middle rack for 5 minutes.

chef of the future 2000 added about 2 years ago

Bring to room temp and heat in fry pan over medium high heat with melted butter or olive oil. The meat will be more well done so only use this method with rare steak.

kafsdad added about 2 years ago

If your going to eat it with spuds and veg heat it in the gravy.

Alyce Morgan added about 2 years ago

Leftover steak is best eaten cold.

Deb Newell added about 2 years ago

I will cut it into small pieces and marinate it in a little olive oil and red wine vinegar and throw it into a salad and have that for lunch the next day at work.

amysarah added about 2 years ago

I wouldn't try to reheat. Reheated steak loses something in translation. Rather, bring it to room temp and make a steak sandwich on crusty bread with horseradish mayo; or better, slice it over a salad with some crumbled blue cheese. Add some tomatoes and onions and it's kind of a reconstructed steakhouse experience.

sawyersp added about 2 years ago

Thanks everyone. Great suggestions.

bigpan added about 2 years ago

I agree with eating cold - slice thin and serve on a piece of baguette with horseradish. If you want to heat it up, I suggest putting on a Chinese steamer basket. Or, put the meat in a bowl and put over a simmering pot of water until warmed.

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