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Okinawan Purple Yam Suggestions

I'm doing an event next month, and chefs prepare "purple" food and are judged then win acclaim and many restaurant gift certificates plus a commemorative plate, and I like winning.
SOOOO I have a challenge since am not part of a restaurant right now and will have to borrow a kitchen and need a recipe that is FABULOUS at room temp.

I'm thinking Purple Sweet Potato Biscuits w/ Country Ham & Something like edible flower/herb butter (Suggestions??) with a purple cauliflower & golden beet pickles on the side....

I really want to do something with the purple sweet potatoes because they are gorgeous, but has to be savory and has to hold up for a few hours, will be doing small plates for @ 200

Two part question 1) Suggestions? 2) great sweet potato biscuits recipes

asked by Aliwaks over 3 years ago
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added over 3 years ago

1) Since your using Japanese potatoes, maybe try a Japanese preparation? (http://japanesefood.about...) But I think your biscuit idea sounds great. Maybe some lavender flowers as a garnish? 2) Smitten Kitchen had a great sweet potato biscuit recipe last Fall.

added over 3 years ago

You can make Gnocchi as it is savory dish that you have to prepare or else dumplings , or savory tarts with yam filling. For the gnocchi , use the yam in the flour to get the flavor and color from it. same way for the dumplings, also make wrappers using yam. Hope this helps.

added over 3 years ago

Have you tried Stokes Purple sweet potatoes? They are not as sweet as Okinawa's but they have a darker purple color and more antioxidants in them than the Okinawa's. Check them out here.