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What can I substitute for sesame oil?

asked by bebelaur almost 4 years ago
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hardlikearmour is a trusted home cook.

added almost 4 years ago

Pumpkin seed oil may make an adequate substitute, depending on what the dish is.

added almost 4 years ago

Pumpkin seed oil, to approximate the toasted sesame taste, should be unrefined for full flavor.

added almost 4 years ago

Sesame oil is unique . I don't think sesame tastes like pumpkin. Maybe use peanut oil and a liberal sprinkle of sesame seed on the dish.

added almost 4 years ago

Peanut oil, though it isn't the same. If you are making the sub because of a sesame allergy be really, really careful, though. Most nut oils are contaminated with trace sesame seeds and you are much safer using olive and canola. I accidentally caused someone to go into shock because of contaminated peanut oil :(

added almost 4 years ago

If you have sesame seeds instead, you can toast them and use a neutral oil.