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A question about a recipe: Pickled Ramps

What is ramp?

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brandon added about 2 years ago

It is a member of the alium family with a flavor that is similar to spring onion and garlic mixed together. Its also got a mild sort of a gingery chili pepper zing

sstiavetti added about 2 years ago

Ramps are essentially wild leeks - they go in and out of season very quickly this time of year, so grab them if you see them!


Maedl added about 2 years ago

Ramps grow wild in the woods and are one of the early spring plants to push above ground. they have a close European relative, that according to farmers' stories, hungry bears seek out for their first post-hibernation meal.

Ramps are a spring tonic, make divine pesto and soup. find them in farmers markets--or in the woods. But don't confuse them with lilies of the valley, which they resemble.

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