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Razor Clams

Id like to serve my razor clams in the shell but I dont want them sandy. I also heard that soaking them in water will kill them, any advice?

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Shigerru added about 2 years ago

Cornmeal in water will cause the clams to purge.

I've never had razors in the shell due to the req'd cleaning of the digger, removal of the liver and membrane attaching the clam to the shell


Chef Arik Markus is the cooking coach at Whole Foods Market Pearl in Boulder, Colorado.

added about 2 years ago

I've had good luck with the cornmeal purge method as well, just make sure to also add some sea salt to make the solution taste ocean-like. The idea is to trick the clams into thinking they're at home, after all.

Maedl added about 2 years ago

I have only made razor clams a few times, but they need to be cleaned--a process resembling dissection in high school. Perhaps you can clean them and stuff back imto the shell for cooking. I googled how to clean them and found several worthwhile videos.

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