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Nondairy sub for buttermilk in cornbread?

best way to go?

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SeaJambon added about 2 years ago

1 Tablespoon vinegar or lemon juice into your milk of choice (rice, coconut, soy ... whatever). Should work. :)

SeaJambon added about 2 years ago

Should have said into 1 cup of your milk of choice...

nzle added about 2 years ago

I second SeaJambon! It's a standard way to substitute "soured" milk products if you're dairy free.

lorigoldsby added about 2 years ago

I think they are looking for a non- dairy sub. Have you tried applesauce?


Emily is a trusted source on Scandinavian Cuisine.

added about 2 years ago

You can replace buttermilk with the same amount of coconut milk plus a Tbs. of lemon juice. You could probably try something similar with soy milk, but I think coconut milk would be way tastier.

chef of the future 2000 added about 2 years ago

Soured soy milk will probably work - it depends if the buttermilk flavor needs to prominent.

thirschfeld added about 2 years ago

Nothing out there says you have to use buttermilk or milk to make cornbread in fact a recipe from Hominy Grill in Charleston uses water. Water works great and I use peanut oil too. You could also use palm oil which has become the fav for non hydrogenated shortening. I added several grinds of black pepper over the top before baking. I also find if you use corn flour instead of meal you get a much more tender cornbread.

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