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corned beef and cabbage

can you freeze cooked corned beef and cabbage?

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chef of the future 2000 added about 2 years ago

Yes BUT the cabbage will be limp post freezer

Helen's All Night Diner added about 2 years ago

I freeze my leftovers, too. I end up pan frying the vegetables which brings them back a bit.

bugbitten added about 2 years ago

Please, please make another dish, even if you're only remotely thinking of this as appropriate for Saint Patrick's Day. Signed, third generation Irishfellow.

bigpan added about 2 years ago

I would toss the cabbage and freeze the corned beef. Figuring the cost of cabbage you are tossing out a few nickels of money and spend that much for fresh cabbage next time. I bet you spend more than that for a cup of coffee!

Traci206 added about 2 years ago

Save the meat and cooking liquid. Toss the cabbage. Cook new cabbage in the saved meat juice.

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