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What is the secret for cooking dried fava beans?

I have about 3 cups of soaked beans..what should I do with them? I also have a little Spanish chorizo in the I take the skins off the beans? Recipe or other suggestion?

asked by lloreen about 3 years ago
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added about 3 years ago

The secret for cooking fava beans is patience. Soak them overnight (which sounds like you have done) and peel them. Have to do it one at a time.

Recipes: http://leeksoup.wordpress...

Also, go to Food52 recipes and pick out the one you like the best. I have had good luck with the first three.

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You usually don't have to take the skins off the fava beans if they're dried - you can just cook them like any other dried bean.

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thanks! I just punted with what I had and made a really nice stew of favas with tomato, garlic, chorizo, and red wine slow simmered in a clay pot. I will post the recipe later. It took me two episodes of This American Life to peel those beans, so fava beans are not going into frequent rotation. I may try it again with the peels on....