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A question about a recipe: Terence Hill's Beans


I have a question about the ingredient "pancetta rashers, sliced into ribbons" on the recipe "Terence Hill's Beans" from Marie Viljoen.

asked by braide22 almost 4 years ago
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Miranda Rake

Miranda is a contributor at Food52.

added almost 4 years ago

Ooops! Looks like your question didn't make it - feel free to ask it in the comments!

added almost 4 years ago

Rashers is the British word for slices . . . so I would take slices of pancetta (may have to unroll them) and cut into long julienne to make ribbons.


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added almost 4 years ago

I agree with usuba dashi's comment and advice on technique. These days you can buy a whole rolled up hunk of pancetta or a thick slice as opposed to just those packets of ultra thin things.