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A question about a recipe: Squashed Potatoes

These ended up fabulously - and I'll do them again -- they are similar to the way I boil new potatoes and then fry or grill for a crust = yum! I boiled these 15 or 20 mins but I don't thnk I let them cool very long - used a ceramic plate to smash and they crumbled--- had to spatula them into the pan and leave alone until they made a crust before I could flip. (I used reg size new potatoes and cut in half so skin was on one side). Loved the pan-roasted garlic, too!!! Did I do something wrong re the crumbling?

(LOVE this site - I think I have saved at least 50 recipes in a the 30 hours since I found it here!!!) :-)

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Jenna Kane added about 2 years ago

Sorry - that sounded so neophyte.... guess I was frustrated that they crumbled and wondering if perhaps I had under or over done the potatoes.... in the end, they were edible and delicious so it may not even matter!

biggreencookbook added about 2 years ago

Just read the recipe... sounds like you did ok. Even the recipe suggests you might need the assistance of a spatula:
"You may need a spatula to lift them in one piece from your work surface; lay them on a baking sheet."
If you are concerned, maybe leave the potatoes whole next time and cook them until they are just fork tender, no more!

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