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Urgent! A question about a recipe: Buttercream Icing

Hey, sorry to bother you, but I was just making chocolate cupcakes for school tomorrow, and was wondering whether this would keep well overnight. If so, should I frost the cupcakes and keep them in the fridge overnight, or should I frost them before I go in the morning? Also, can they sit out for a while, or would I have to find a refrigerator? Sorry!

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added almost 2 years ago

I'd just frost them the night before and keep them refrigerated.
If you want to go with an egg free recipe (which I would consider due to risk of Salmonella in raw eggs and it being a school thing) try the frosting Ina Garten has for these coconut cupcakes. It's a cream cheese frosting with a little almond extract and it's fabulous on chocolate cupcakes: http://www.foodnetwork...

ATG117 added almost 2 years ago
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I'd do whatever is less stressful, presumably the night before. As long as they have enough time to come to room temp, the forsting will re-soften. They should be great.

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