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Oriental sesame oil

Came across a recipe specifying "oriental" sesame oil... Is this toasted sesame oil or something else?
If its something different, i'd appreciate a brand recommendation. Thanks

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felixfood added almost 2 years ago

Photo_apr_19_9_48_33_pm Yes, it's made from toasted sesame seeds and is dark in color and very rich in flavor. Definitely use with care! I attached an image of two brands I have. Kadoya (on the right) is my favorite and Ty Ling is what I got at the local supermarket when I ran out. It was perfectly acceptable, but not a good value. What are you making?

felixfood added almost 2 years ago

Oops, I dunno what happened to the image, there.

Panfusine added almost 2 years ago

yep, the dark ones are pressed from toasted sesame oil , the brands you find at the organic stores are usually pressed from black sesame ( which still have the outer skin) these are richer in flavor. (spectrum organic brand is pretty good).. the lighter ones may be pressed from de hulled white/brown seeds or may be mixed with other oils. I recommend the Spectrum organic one.

LE BEC FIN added almost 2 years ago

I much prefer the Maruhon brand to Kadoya. Much cleaner flavor imo.

felixfood added almost 2 years ago

I'll have to check it out!

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