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A question about a recipe: Suya Swordfish

I have a question about the recipe "Suya Swordfish" from Kitchen Butterfly.
Okay to use almond butter?

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PhillipBrandon added almost 2 years ago

I think almond butter would be a great alternative in this recipe! Cashew butter is another choice that might have a flavor profile more similar to that of peanut butter, but I personally love almonds and the flavor of almond butter.

MikeI added almost 2 years ago

The flavor profile the recipe creator was trying to achieve was along the lines of a Thai Peanut Sauce. There would be nothing 'wrong' per-say to use another nut butter; it would just change the profile. The one consideration would be smoke point / sugar content. Peanuts have a much lower smoke point - this allows the 'roasted' flavor to come through. Walnuts' smoke point are similar; that would be the next logical nutmeat/oil.

Kitsune added almost 2 years ago

I would guess no for "Almond butter", yes to tahini though.

fuhsi added almost 2 years ago

thanks, everybody: I've gleaned much cooking wisdom from your answers.

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