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I have a LOT of tomatoes, all different varieties (plum, cherry, slicing, heirloom, etc) from my CSA this week. What's the best way to preserve them, because I can't eat all this by myself. Can I throw them all together and create a decent sauce to freeze?

asked by BethFalk over 5 years ago
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Yes, tomato sauce is a great idea. But you can also turn them into preserves. Here's a Sweet and Savory Tomato Preserves recipe that won one of our contests last year:

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You could slow roast them to make 'dried' tomatoes (150 deg C) or roast them with garlic ( 200 deg C) to make passata, see http://www.kitchenbutterfly...

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Blanch and peel them all. Leave the plum tomatoes whole, dice some of the slicers, puree the rest of the slicers with the cherry tomatoes. Can them all and you don't have to buy any canned tomatoes this year!

I'd make an heirloom tomato chutney with the others.