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Tempering chocolate

Does white chocolate need tempering? What about milk chocolate? If so is there a difference in method from the method for tempering dark chocolate? Do a really need a special chocolate thermometer for this? I have never done this before. Thanks in advance!

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added almost 2 years ago

Yes - all kinds of chocolate need to be tempered. The technique is the same though the white choc working temperature is lower than for milk or dark. You don't need a special thermometer - just a clean one that goes between 20C and 50C.

Don't stress - you can't screw this up unless you burn the chocolate. If it doesn't come into temper just re-heat and start again. Good luck!

Tarragon added almost 2 years ago

Thank you so much! I'm going to spend Sunday experimenting on the best way to coat the chocolate covered cookies my stepdaughter has requested for her August wedding.

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