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How do you make chocolate mousse?

asked by Rbsayet almost 3 years ago
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The simplest recipe I have is
9oz milk chocolate
4 tea spoons instant coffee dissolved in 7 tab spoons water
11/2 cups heavy cream
Melt chocolate and

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Sorry, melt chocolate and coffee in double
Boiler. Whip cream and fold into choc mixture
Spoon into serving dish or dishes and put in fridge to set, enjoy

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My favorite desert!I'm very picky when it comes to recipes:stay away from those using gelatine.They end up like a flan.The ones using only the egg whites usually end up on a blobby liquid,gotta have the yolks.And the ones with whiped cream instead of eggs are great for when you're in a run,but if you have the time those extra fridg hours pay up.I don't make it as often as I would like but I have a great recipe from a brazilian chef,José Hugo Celidônio.Rich as mousse should be in my opinion.IMPORTANT:all ingredients should be at room temperature for the preparation,or you'll have a separation problem!And have everything readdy once you start on the egg whites.You don't wanna leave them waiting longer than the absolute necessary.
Beat 6 egg whites till stiff.I usually add what I call EggWhiteViagra:a pinch of salt and a pinch of baking powder,so it gets firmer and for a longer time...
Take 6 egg yolks and a tea cup of suggar(fine or regular) and beat them into a cream until it gets clear.
Add a stick of unsalted butter and keep beating,til it's smooth and fluffy.
Mix in half pound of melted dark chocolate(it can go up to 3/4 of pound,if you like it darker like I do) and a tea cup of heavy cream.
Add a shot of scotch,rum or port wine - that's optional.(My mom doesn't like it.I do.Tried it both ways.Both fine.)You can substitute it for a touch of vanilla.
Last but not least,add your whites,gently folding them into the mixture.Pour it in the serving dishes and leave it in the fridge for 12 to 18 hours.

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Thank you Chef June! I lived in France many many (many) ages ago and came back with my favorite chocolate mousse recipe. Many years ago my handwritten recipe got wet and the whole thing smeared beyond has been heartache since. I am certain your ratios above are the same, it's like drinking wine with a long lost love to see this recipe! Thanks again!